Important : your wardrobe is incomplete without these 5+ colors

your wardrobe is incomplete without these 5+ colors
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Today I am going you to show a color guide for clothes and more important your wardrobe is incomplete without these 5+ colors do know what the interesting thing is? I am also going to show you how these colors look and will also share their color code so that you choose the exact colors for your clothes too.

You can definitely call this article

color guide for clothes:your wardrobe is incomplete without these 5+ colors

Also to all of you,

It’s time to add these colors to your wardrobe

Even I also do have these colors in my wardrobe and I love these from bottom of my heart! and if you are not having these colors in your wardrobe then It’s time to add these colors to your wardrobe

hope you know what will be getting in this blog. COLORS WITH ITS COLOR CODE! Also, I will be sharing Colors I am adding to my wardrobe (How I wear them)

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So, Without any further due, let us get started!

Colors I am adding to my wardrobe (How I wear them) : add these colors to your wardrobe


As we all know white and black are very basic colors. Even everyone must be having these two colors in their wardrobe.

As white goes with a lot of colors So white color makes us tension free about color combination

color code- #FFFFFF


Black is my favorite color! Do you also love to wear black color?

A lot of ladies unlike me love to buy black jeans, black skirts, black shorts as black also goes with every color so it is very easy to pair your any top, a t-shirt with black jeans.

Also wearing black color always gives me royal vibes so I always tend to inclined more towards the black color

color code- #000000

3. Red

Well, not all people love to wear red color For some people red is a very bright color. But yah, When it comes to any occasion, party night or wedding season we all know how much importance we give to red color isn’t it?

The point to be noted is unlike other colors red color also has a lot of different shades in it so based on your choice you can definitely go for any light or dark shade according to your choice

color code – #FF0000

4.Prussian Blue

I feel Prussian blue is the sexiest shade when it comes to blue color.

Prussian blue is the best choice for party wear dresses like off-shoulder, cowl neck dress/top, apron neck slit dress, etc.

Apart from party dress a plain print t-shirt/tank top/silk shirt also goes totally good with this color. I have every piece of cloth which is in this color be it top, be it jeans, be it gown, be it shorts.

color code – #001C57

5.teal (a combination of green and blue)

For those who don’t know what is teal color. Then let me tell you teal looks as if it is a combination of blue and green color. It literally looks very pretty. Teal color always gives me very calm vibes.

Teal color Kurtis, sarees and short dresses look absolutely trending. And also floral-designed teal color shirts are becoming a lot popular nowadays

color code- #008080

color guide for clothes


Beige color is only for nude color lovers! Nude shades have a different fan base when it comes to colors. Nude color always rocks be it sequin saree, Kurti, top, jeans, shirts, heels, and whatnot.

Nude colors look super classy. If you are finding a suitable color then can go with beige then you can go for coffee dark brown color, Maroon, black, burgundy, last but not the least white color. These are super amazing colors to wear with beige color.

Color code – #CFB997

If you have tried nude shades yet. I request you to have an eye on it. Try it once you will definitely love it

7. lemon yellow

Lemon yellow color who does not love this?

Lemon yellow is a very fresh color. A casual t-shirt of lemon yellow color paired with denim jeans/shorts can be your OOTD what say?

Apart from yellow t-shirts, some popular outfits of yellow color can be yellow ghagra, floral dress, striped gown, Cotton Kurti, traditional yellow long embroidery gown

Color code – #FFDF00

8.Olive green

Olive green is a very rarely used shade of green But personally, I really love to use olive green color.

When it comes to olive green color outfits you can for t-shirts, turtlenecks, cargo pants, jumpsuits, shorts jeans. These all are super stylish outfits in olive green color.

Color code – #8FA450



Burgundy color is super fine no matter whether it’s party time, casual outfit time, floral outfit traditional occasion, or a date night. Burgundy goes with everything.I said everything. How interesting isn’t it?

You can rely on burgundy to get set up anywhere!

Color code – #800020

Colors I am adding to my wardrobe (How I wear them)

10.Dark brown coffee color

Dark brown coffee color is also a very fancy and occasional color. You must have seen celebrities wearing dark brown coffee color dresses a lot of times on red carpets, award shows, etc.

All nude shades can go easily with these dark brown coffee colors. Without having a second thought pair your nude color outfits with this color!

Dark brown coffee color can really go with it formal shirts, formal pants, formal saree, formal Kurti,

To be very specific you can go for bandhani design in this color for your Kurti or saree, any occasional gown or shimmer dress, a back knot crop top can also go best with this color, and also I have seen a lot of ladies wearing plain full sleeves top and strapped plain crop top of this color.

So these are some of my suggestions for clothes when it comes to dark brown coffee color.

By the way, if you are formal outfits lover

Then for you suggested reads are

Color code – #3B1C0A

add these colors to your wardrobe

11.rose red

Rose-red is a very soft color though. You can easily hit your coffee date, beach time, summer trips, pool parties with the rose red.

Rose-red looks good on shirts, bodycon short dresses, shimmer dresses, off-shoulder tank tops, or dresses. Unlike rose-red you can also go for tomato(#ff6347) and bittersweet(FF5C5C) colors with these outfits. These two are also soft colors but they look just exceptional.

Color code – #FF033E

It's time to add these colors to your wardrobe

12.chartreuse green

Well, green has a lot of attractive shades but the one which people use the most is chartreuse green. A lot of ladies wear chartreuse green casuals and this color is mostly used by dancers. It is a very bright color and looks incredible when paired with black or white color.

chartreuse green strapped crop top is the most common piece of cloth. Along with strap top: back not top, shoulderless top, one-shoulder top looks quite stylish in this color.

color code – #7FFF00

13.Orange red

Orange-red comes with an orange color with a tint of red. This color looks good on Kurti, shirts. Orange-red Ruffle tops and buttoned Kurti looks totally mind-blowing

Color code – #FF4500

orange red


pistachio is the most soothing and beautiful shade of color green. It is a very light shade.

Some outfits that create wonders in pistachio color are ruffled top, corset dress, bridal dress. You should definitely try your hands on it

Color code — #93C572


Some of you may be hearing this color for the first time. It is nothing but a dark grey. A lot of people do not like grey shades at all. But I love grey shades very much.

The pewter color looks exceptional on casual outfits, with turtleneck it is mind-blowing, v neck buttoned tops/shirts.

POINT TO BE NOTED is a pewter-color long gown has just broken all the limits of being a stunning color. Just seach pewter color gown and you will get amazed by its beauty.

Color code- #8A8D8F


Till now we have not at all talked about any purple color shade. So will talk now.

Lavender is one of the light shades of purple color. It’s a very soothing color giving very calm vibes. Lavender color gowns are the most popular ones when it comes to lavender color. A lot of ladies tend to go for this color for their wedding dress or a reception dress. So think how attractive lavender looks. With lavender long and flared gown looks chic

And since 1 or 2 years lavender-colored tops are highly getting famous so you can consider tops of this color. whenever you are planning to rete a very soft and subtle look go for lavender color

Color code- #CBA2CB

If you love purple color shades then go for plum shade too. It is a way darker shade!


Everyone should have white, black, red, beige, burgundy, orange-red, rose red, lavender, olive green, pistachio, pewter, chartreuse green, dark brown coffee colors in their wardrobe to make your clothes shine!. Make sure to add these colors to your wardrobe

So this is the list of 15 colors without this my wardrobe is incomplete. and which colors are your priorities?do let me know

If you want to ask me anything related to clothing do let me through the contact form

I will meet you in the next article with another interesting topic. Till then have a look at other fashion blogs from loadingstyle.

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