Wardrobe Essentials: types of shirts for women | Top 7 type of shirts every woman should own

Top 7 type of shirts every woman should own
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Hey lady!! Do you often like to wear shirts?

Well I often do ..

So I hope you got an idea on which topic I am going to talk about ..

Yes it is about shirts.

Now I will talk about Top 7 type of shirts every woman should own and of course you can call it as types of shirts for women

Well I love to wear shirts and the most interesting part about a shirt is you cant only wear it as only casual wear but also you can also wear it as formal or as a party outfit. Isn’t this amazing

The important thing about a shirt is you can style a shirt as an individual and integral part of your outfit. The very type of your shirt can totally define your taste in style

Shits can be styled in many ways and with different accessories.

So now let’s jump on the different types of shirts for women.

But first let us see some things to consider

*Things to know about shirts* :

  1. Break this norm regarding shirts that it can only be paired with specific jeans or skirt.

2. The very first thing to notice is that the shirt can be paired up with jeans, shorts, western skirts, palazzo, leggings, and even with Indian long skirts so indeed shirts are very user friendly

3. We can style the shirts as we want like some people love loose baggy shirts to wear and some people like skinny shirts to wear so it totally depends on you how you want it to be styled

4. Fashion Accessories do play a great role in the case of any outfit so do shirts. Accessories like bracelets, choker, simple necklaces, tiny earrings, watch. Do wear it to get a nice look

5. Another important thing is color combinations. The color of the shirt you are wearing and the other things you wear like skirt /jeans/heels/palazzo etc. Make sure you are wearing a decent color combination in order to get a good look

Top 7 type of shirts every woman should own

woman, adult, inside-3083383.jpg

So some of us must be having questions like what types of shirts for women are popular. Without any further delay let’s get started with our shirts.

Basically, in the market there are plenty of types of shirts are available that can be worn in different styles.

So let’s go

1. Checks shirt:

When it comes to shirts and if we are not talking about check shirts it is not possible though. Check shits has always been the attraction of people. All around the globe this style is being carried throughout time. Checks shirts always look classy.

Okay so we have talked about checks shirts so let us talk about some other things.

Things to consider while wearing checks shirt:

1, Mostly checks shirt is used for carrying casual style

2. Cheks shirts can look amazing on high heels as well as sneakers.

3. Checks shirts are likely to wear on jeans be it baggy or skinny, skirts, shorts.

4. You can wear accessories on your checks shirts if you want but be particular about color combination because not everything will work on checks shirts.

Have a look at some checks shirts





2. Denim shirts:

Denim shirts are not only sed as casual style as well as they can use for carrying a bit fashionable and stylish look too. Denim is not about a single shade of color.

You will get so many shades of denim shirts. You can wear baggy as well as skinny denim shirts it is up to you.

Denim style will always be evergreen in Fashion industry

Things to consider while wearing denim shirt:

  1. For a casual look wear baggy denim shirt with mom jeans ripped jeans , flare jeans , bell-bottoms.
  2. For a stylish look wear skinny denim shirt with high heels preferbely black color , use high waist skinny jeans , do wear tiny earings,bracelets and layered necklace .
  3. The important thing to remeber is you can carry denim on denim look like if you wear denim shirt with deim jeans it will still look great.
  4. And also denim shirt is not only meant for use as a shirt you can wear it as a jacket on a plain t shirt or a t back top it is up to you .


3.Vertical striped shirt :

I don’t know if you ladies are aware or not but vertically striped shirts are so much trendy in the market now. They look fabulous.

The vertically striped shirt is just a shirt having vertical lines on it they are way trendy.

Things to consider while wearing vertical striped shirt:

  1. You can give this shirt a casual, stylish, or formal look.
  2. .But keep in mind not all striped shirts will give you casual, not all striped give you formal, not all striped shirts will give you stylish look so choose accordingly.
  3. It can be wear on sneaker /high heels /flats .

Have a look at some vertical striped shirts



4.Formal shirts:

As the name says Formal shirts you can only wear it for office, job, college purposes. But still, there are ladies who love to wear formal shirts for day-to-day life and I am amongst them.

Things to consider while wearing formal shirt:

  1. You can wear the formal shirt on skinny jeans or formal trousers.
  2. Be careful about colors choose good color combinations.
  3. Formal shirts can be paired up with high heels/formal shoe.


5.Plain shirts:

I hope every woman on this planet is aware of plain shirts.

Plain shirts are just normal shirts with no designs on fabric that’s it!! Plain shirts can be of any material cotton, silk, transparent, etc. You can choose whichever material you like.

The best part about these shirts is you can easily wear it for a party, functions too. It will still look way pretty. There are plenty of ways to pair this shirt.

Things to consider while wearing plain shirt:

  1. You can wear sneakers/flats/heels on plain shirts as per your convenience
  2.  To give a party /stylish look you can wear a plain shirt with suitable high waist jeans/skirt/shorts and wear heels on it. This combination will only work if you choose proper colors, fitting. For a party, look try wearing silk shirts.
  3.  If you want you can give a plain shirt a casual look by wearing mom / bell-bottom/flare jeans and wear a sneaker and cap with a plain shirt and you are set.

  4. An important thing to notice is you can definitely wear one side tucked-in shirts for a plain one it will look amazing!!do try it 


6.Kurta type shirt:

Kurta is an Indian outfit that is long in height.

Kurta-type shirts are nothing but kurta having buttons on them., unlike shirts.

Though the ladies mostly prefer only covered clothes this is a big opportunity for them to get their hands on this kind of outfit.

It totally looks decent. Kurti lovers !! have a look at it.

Things to consider while wearing kurta type shirt:

  1. Heels can give you a fabulous look on kurta type shirt.
  2. Mostly focus on ankle length leggings or jeans .Ankle length is a great option for kurta type shirt.
  3. In some cases palazzo can also work.



7.Print shirts:

Print shirts are nothing but a shirt having prints on them. They really look pretty.

Prints can be of any type like floral, cartoons, animal print, etc.
You can style them as per your prints as you want on the basis of the combinations mentioned above.
Have a look…



**So these are 7 types of shirts every woman should own.**.

As they all are user friendly and also very useful for day to day life. And also shirts always add a different light to our look.

If you are a necklace lover do check evil eye

If you wear heels then do check heels with jeans.

So Which one type of shirt was your favorite do let me know in the comment section. And if are planning to buy which one would you pick? do let me know.

Leave your comment on how you felt about this blog was that helpful or not?

That’s it for now ladies!!

Will meet you all in the next blog. Till then

take care stay safe!!

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