Top 7 must-have sarees for saree lover’s wardrobes | Trending sarees

Top 7 must-have sarees for saree lover's wardrobes 2021
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Top 7 must-have sarees for saree lover’s wardrobes 2021!!!

In this blog, we will talk about

trending sarees 2021 and of course trending saree collection !!!

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The people who are not aware of saree let me tell them SAREE is an Indian popular attire.

We have some special techniques to wear it. All over India, this attire is worn in different styles according to their tradition as we have Maharashtrian, brahmin, Gujarati, Bihu style, Bengali, and many more.

But here we will only about the current trending saree collection and some sarees which do not require any label of trend they are already very popular and has high demand in the market in any season of any year.

Top 7 must-have sarees for saree lover's wardrobes 2021

So let’s get started with it.

1.Paithani saree

People from Maharashtra must be aware of this saree. Paithani It is a very famous saree in Maharashtrian culture. Beng a Mahaahstrian girl I love to wear PAITHANI saree. It is a must-have kinda saree for me.

The main specialty of Paithani is its padar (pallu). It has a Peacock design on its pallu. You will get various color combinations in this saree. The saree is made from silk and zari They are available in single as well as kaleidoscope -colors. Mostly they are used for special occasions.

Paithani has always been in trend irrespective of any year. So you must consider it.

Some most loved Color combinations for paithani:

  • Red and black
  • Green and pink
  • Green and purple
  • Yellow and dark blue
  • Red and green
  • Red and golden
  • Pink and purple
  • Orange and purple
  • Orange and dak blue
  • Sky blue and navy blue

If you are looking for a traditional saree for special occasions get your hands on this saree.

Have a look at some paithani sarees.


2.Bandhani saree

Bandhani saree is specially used by Gujarati people and it is very popular in Gujrati culture. Bandhani is a specific type of design that is available in many forms like sometimes the design is already printed, sometimes is made by using threads, sometimes it is made by using glass.

The best part of bandhani is you can get this saree with a spectrum of quality, colors, and prices. Bandhani is not something which you can only wear on occasions you can wear for day-to-day life too by choosing specific quality and material.

For example: if you want a saree for occasions you can go for heavy fabric heavy design, if you want for daily routine then you can go for printed saree only with lightweight material that’s it.

Bandhani is a mind-blowing type of saree. The design’s colors made this saree very unique and beautiful. You can get a single-colored saree or combination of two colors in this.

Bandhani is such a popular design that not only do we get saree but also ghagra choli and salwar kameez. So Banhdani has always been popular, unlike Paithani.

Some most popular colors in Bandhani:

  • Red
  • Maroon
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Red and green
  • Pink and purple
  • Sky blue and dark blue
  • Red and black
  • Orange and dark blue
  • Red and black
  • Black

Let us look at Bandhani sarees.

3.Sequin Saree:

Sequin sarees are now capturing huge attention in the market. I am sure you must have seen actresses, models wearing sequin/glitter saree. They look fabulous, isn’t it?

Sequin is nothing but glitter. If you see a glitter saree it is not heavy at all it is very light in weight. And sequin saree is a western type of saree. And it looks way stylish and trendy.

Though sequin sarees are light in weight still you can wear them on any occasion. And the plus point is that you get plenty of options for the blouses on these sarees

If you are looking for something new, stylish, and equally trendy then I must say just get your hands on this glitter saree.

Glitter saree is mostly available in single color only.

Popular colors for sequin saree:

  • Maroon
  • Black 
  • Golden 
  • Silver
  • Navy blue
  • Dark purple
  • Lavender
  • Dark green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White
  • Grey

Have a look at sequin saree.

4.Khan saree:

Khan saree is the style which was mostly used by married women to old age group women. Khan saree has always been the attraction of people when it comes to tradition.

Khan saree from a long time Khan saree is available in the market yet only few of people are aware of this amazing design

For some months from now, women are showing tremendous interest in KHAN saree, and almost everywhere in the Maharashtra region, this saree is easy to get.

The blouse of this saree also comes in a similar design to the saree. If you want some new look in traditional saree Khan saree is the best option for you.

Khan saree comes in a combination of two colors where the entire saree is occupied with one color may or may not be with embroidery, only border and pallus has another color

Popular colors in khan saree:

  • Green and golden
  • Dark blue and red
  • Red/maroon and black
  • Yellow and black
  • Black and silver
  • Dark pink and golden

Have a look at some khan saree.

5.Floral printed saree:

Floral print has always been seen on dresses, tops, sarees skirts hence we all are used to it. But nowadays unlike glitter sarees, floral printed saree also have become the trendy design in the market.

There is a huge demand for floral sarees in the market. The fabric of the floral saree is mostly available in silk, satin, silk-satin, organza material.

Floral sare very light in weight. They are not filled with heavy embroidery they are printed with floral design. Floral sarees are the western type of sarees. Be a bit picky while choosing these sarees because not all colors and all floral prints look good.

Popular colors in western saree:

  • Green
  • Sky blue
  • Nude pink
  • White


6.Belted Saree:

I am a big fan of Belted sarees. This is a new trendy style in the market. In this type of saree, a belt is worn with a saree.

To create a good and vogue look you can wear a suitable belt on the saree. Be very particular while choosing a saree because the BELTED look cannot go with every saree.

There are different ways to wear belted saree. It can be treated as a western and traditional look according to the saree.

Here you can wear a plain color/glitter/embroidery belt it is up to your choice and saree. For example, if the saree has a golden border go for the golden belt, if the saree is having an eye-catchy pretty color design on it go for that color belt.

Try to have a contrasting choice of belt color to make your look more attractive. And use small width belts.

7.Banarasi saree:

Banarasi unlike Paithani and bandhani has always been the center of attraction for women. Banarasi saree indeed gives you a royal look.

Banarasi saree is made from finely woven silk and they have engraved designs on them. Which gives a saree a total decent look.

Every woman who is wearing a saree often you can get at least one Banarasi saree in her wardrobe it is that famous!! There are plenty of designs and plenty of colors ae available in the Baanarasi saree.

Because of its high demand and specialty Banarasi is a must-have essential saree for wardrobe.

Popular colors in Banarasi saree:

  • Red
  • Royal blue
  • Pink
  • Peach
  • Maroon
  • Green


Which one is your favorite? do let me know.

For more ideas do check loadingstyle

Will meet you in the next blog. Till then stay safe, take care ladies..


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