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Welcome back ladies after a big break we are finally meeting!As I am a college student and since my exam season was going so I hardly find any time to come up with a new topic! And today we will be talking about what outfits to wear with bandana headband and how I created the look with a bandana!

What is a bandana?

If you guys not aware of what a bandana is? then let me tell you, Banan is just a large handkerchief with a white design on it and people mostly don’t wear this for wiping sweat unlike what we do with a handkerchief.Bandana is used to tie around neck or head.

Well, it was a very casual day I planned to style this.

A little request to you all is if you love to wear a bandana and if you don’t have it get yourself one and start creating the look with me as I am going to share a few things about how to create a look with a bandana

My wardrobe has become very boring now and that is why I always find some new ways to wear different styles

And that’s why now I have picked up my dad’s t-shirt for this look. I have already worn my all t-shirt and have already clicked a lot of photos on the same. That’s why I picked up daddy’s t-shirt as I was just randomly going from the wardrobe and found it a little cool.

bandana outfit ideas: style basic outfits with bandanas on head

Well, to be honest, the key to creating such a look is, to be minimal don’t overdo it. Of course outfits with bandanas on head always looks exceptions if you just be a little careful about your choices of oclors and clothes

  1. Wear simple yet elegant t-shirts like v-neck t-shirts and baggy t-shirts and if you are wearing only a spaghetti top then also it will work.

2. Other than tops and t-shirts you can wear denim jeans, ripped jeans, denim skirts, or buttoned skirts.

3. When it comes to footwear you can wear anything any flat sandal of tan-brown-beige color, heel, or sneakers will work. But make sure to have it simply don’t wear any glitter just don’t. Make it plain, simple.

4.Let’s talk about jackets now you can wear denim jackets, long printed shrugs, plaided jackets. You can definitely consider jackets as with jackets too yo will get a super cool look. Also, we are not wearing any heavy printed tops/t shirts so wearing a jacket can be the best choice.

Understand these 4 things and that’s enough for you to create the bandana look.I hope I have given enough ideas for outfits to wear with bandana headband

A very important thing to remember is you have plenty of things to try out. And I bet you a lot of things will definitely work. Provided you should have a good understanding of colors, color combinations, and clothing patterns. a little taste of styling.

It all depends on your creativity. There are no such specific rules that for a bandana, we have to wear this and that but it is always a good practice to observe trends, looks, etc and on the basis of that you create your own look.

That’s the same thing I did. I haven’t searched any look for the same I just came up with this

So let’s know How to style a bandana with jeans?

To answer this “How to style a bandana with jeans?” read the below description about the outfit, footwear, etc. And create your own look with a bandana!


So what I did was I just wore that t-shirt and paired blue mom jeans with it. Also to give a more decent look I just folded the jeans from the bottom to make it to the ankles


To give a little edgy look I styled this outfit with black heels. Also, the remedy for all outfits is my favorite black heels.

I love to wear black matter what function is going is it a casual day is a festive season my love for lack of color will never fade away. And to give a better look for the outfit I chose black heels over any other heels.

As my t-shirt was of blue color also my jeans was of blue color so I chose black heels to give a little dark look.

Now enough about outfits and heels let’s talk about the main attraction of today’s look was “the bandana” yes!

How do you tie a bandana casually? – a simple way to tie a bandana

How do you tie a bandana casually? Exactly the same question I used to ask my friends who wear bandanas often. And the answer is here

Basically, I just gathered all my hair into a ponytail and I made a band out of a bandana. I tied the band at the back of the head. And I leave my hair open

And that’s it that’s the easiest way I was able to do that time. As I am a new user of the bandana so I have not explored many ways to tie it.

So to be minimal I tied in this way and then what? I clicked a lot of pictures with this look.

outfits to wear with bandana headband
How do you tie a bandana casually?

Hope you guys liked this quick and easy bandana outfit ideas. If you want some ideas with the bandana look you can check this post out.

*Bohemian style ultimate guide

Also, I have a very different and interesting topic about clothing so do check it out on my blog post page. If you guys want any talk about clothing do drop it here on the contact page.

In this article, the main concern is to give you 9 holi outfit ideas.As it’s march month and holi is on the way. Holi is the most joyful Indian festival where we people celebrate this day full of colors of joy and happiness.

We love to play Holi and we do not miss any opportunity to play Holi but what is more important is while playing Holi we do have to take care of a lot of things as well as on this day a lot of ladies loves to look classy to click pictures, video to make this day a memory.

So that is why we have come up with this article to solve your questions like “what to wear for holi”,”what are the best holi dress ideas” and also to show you the list of things to take care of while playing Holi and also a list of best outfit ideas to wear on this day.

I promise you, you will get an idea of what to wear for holi and the options which I have given you are quite simple and elegant that you can also get in your wardrobe.

So without any further delay let’s get started it.

precautions to take while playing holi:

1.Apply oil

As we all know some colors are very stubborn while removing, also some people do have a very sensitive sin in such cases we have to quickly remove the color from the skin, face and in such cases oil creates wonders. I use coconut oil before playing holi. Oil helps to remove the color very easily.

2.Wearing sunglasses

In order to protect the eyes from colors, you can wear sunglasses while playing and no need to feel ashamed in wearing sunglasses. It’s your mere responsibility to protect the eyes.

9 holi outfit ideas : what to wear for holi 2022

1.white shorts and tie-dye top

Tie-dye is the most important attraction of people when it comes to holi. People love to wear tie-dye odhani, top, t-shirt, Kurti, shirt, and whatnot.

So you can consider wearing a tie-dye top for this holi. Tie-dye top goes best with white color shorts. But if you are protective about your white shorts on holi then you can try some blue denim shorts.

holi dress ideas

2.white saree with dark color blouse

Though to be very honest there are still some ladies who love to wear saree on holi. If you are one of those then try some basic print white saree with a fancy dark color blouse to give the sharp look with the saree. And have little dark lipsticks of shades like burgundy, brown, red to enhance the beauty of white color.

Imagine your soft white printed saree with an attractive blouse, dark lipstick, and colored face. Isn’t that amazing?Though to bevery honest this is my one of the favorite option amongst other holi outfit ideas

holi outfit ideas

3.ripped jeans with a white shirt

The ripped pattern has always been the attraction when it comes to holi and on top of that ripped jeans goes totally well with a white shirt.

Style your blue denim ripped jeans with a white plain shirt and to make them look more interesting tie a knot and wear minimal jewelry like layered necklaces, earrings.

4.Kurti salwar with bandhnai odhani

White Kurti with bandhani multicolor odhani just makes fall all ladies in love. If you want to create a sober desi look then go and try this combination and you will not regret choosing this.

As always remember do not just wear complete white outfits try to bring some color in other forms like you can use a colored scarf, dupatta, jackets, etc, etc

what to wear for holi

5.Go casual with jackets

If you want to look super casual yet stylish then at this festival do add a layer of colorful jackets, shrugs, or cardigans for the best experience with a simple t-shirt, spaghetti inside.

As Holi is there so try to wear colorful tie-dye jackets and since your jackets will be colorful do wear mild white color t-shirts, spaghetti, jeans, shorts, skirts.Well wearing colorful can be the most coolest option amongst mentioned holi outfit ideas

holi dress up ideas

6.Cigarette pants as usual always a classy option

Cigarette pants have always been a classy option for me when it comes to any event be it casual, traditional I always look up to cigarette pants for better finishing.

Nowadays a lot of ladies are choosing cigarette pants over leggings, jeans, palazzos to pair with Kurti.

So this year try some new combinations with cigarette pants and white cotton kurti of basic prints. Do not try to go heavy with kurtis as it’s a holi and no matter how much you try but still your clothes are going to get filled with colors so go for simple and basic clothes.

what to wear for holi

7.Cotton Anarkali

Cotton Anarkali gives you the perfect vibrant Holi vibes also we women do have Anarkali dresses in our closet so why not pick them up and wear them for holi party?

So pair up your Anarkali with some jhumka to create a little drama in your look. And open up your hairs to flaunt yourself.

9 holi outfit ideas  what to wear for holi 2022

8.Sunglasses and jewelry

Well this option doesn’t come under holi outfit ideas but I thought to add as an accesory.

When it’s a holi time and how can we forget about sunglasses? Flaunt your stylish attire with sunglasses and that’s it here is your “ootd”

With white color, outfits do stick with oxidized jewelry. As this combination always works the best.


Don’t even dare to wear heels on this way to look better and to make other ladies jealous as it will come back to you in the form of pain. While playing Holi it’s already a lot of mess there so stick with flats are if you are kurti, suits then go with our all-time favorite “KOLHAPURI”

Here we are done with the 9 holi outfit ideas .Hope you liked some of the above-listed holi dress ideas. And What are your holi dress up ideas? do let us know through the comment box.

In case you want to ask any questions then do drop a message on the contact page. Till then have a look at other fashion blogs that will definitely help you at loadingstyle also follow our Instagram account @loading__style

Shaadi season never stops throughout the year in India. Hence it is very essential for us to get updated with the trends. Therefore I have come up with a short and helpful guide for brides which is about 5 things so follow 5 things to create a celebrity bridal look if you want the top-notch bride look

This article is dedicated to all the ladies who will become the brides in a month or so. In this article, I have enlisted 5 Essential Things to Create an Indian Bridal Look which are trending these days.

Genuinely I felt that these 5 wedding look tips every bride should know if you are getting married in the year 2022

Things I have observed a lot of times on the feed of most famous designers, famous models, and celebs which I am going to share right now. yes! do give a read to this article. Even if one thing works out for you it will create a big difference in your look. Also, marriage is a lifetime memory for all of us so make it more special by considering these below things.

Well to be very honest if I would have been a bride and if I have given a choice of choosing 1things from the below 5 Bridal look essentials it would have become very difficult for me as all things play an equal role in our look.

So a guide for brides starts now. Make the most out of it! stay tuned till the end:)

follow 5 things to create a celebrity bridal look :

Here we are actually starting and these 5 wedding look tips every bride should know

1. v neck blouse

Why I have placed this “v- neck blouse” at no1 position is because nowadays you must have seen a lot of designers making so many innovative lehengas with v-neck blouses.

The main specialty is this neckline doesn’t require a lot of embroideries even if it is a plain cloth still it will give you a very decent look. So even if your blouse material is not full of design you can have this option.

Have a look at this v neck blouse . You can consider this neckline for your upcoming lehenga look.

Well, there are no such restrictions for sleeves here. You can have sleeveless, 3-4th or long hand sleeves is up to you how you want it to be.

While stitching this blouse make sure to have a proper fitting otherwise it will not show its shine.

2. Little heavy gher lehenga

In the list of bridal look essentials, the second thing is the lehenga. Though not all ladies wear lehenga some prefer their regional outfits though. So to the one who wears a lehenga give a read to this section.

The main attraction of the bridal lehenga is its gher. Gher can take the most of the limelight of your look. So if it is possible then try to add gher lehenga to your list.

Well, when it comes to gher lehenga, don’t be so heavy at the same time. Gone are the days when there were too much embroidered lehengas were used for the bridal look.

This decade is about wearing sober, elegant clothing also makeup.

Have a lehenga of little heavy material with work like a little glitter, handwoven or zari,moti, etc.

To all the fans of ethnic wear check this category of ethnic wear out.We have dedicated articles on it !

Ethnic wear

3. color combinations

Having a good color combination for your outfits plays a very essential role. The color of the outfit describes your entire look.

So try to avoid some commonly used colors and color combinations. Just come a little out of the box. And try new fresh colors.

Don’t have any idea about colors? Don’t worry I have enlisted a few famous colors too!

Soft Colors includes

off white
soft pink
rose gold

But what if you don’t like soft colors. Then you can try these colors.

peacock green
teal green

These are some of the best colors you can consider.

We have a complete color and color combinations do give a read:

13 popular color combinations

Your wardrobe is incomplete without these colors

4. Sheeshphool/Mathapatti

After having a discussion about outfits let’s move on to jewelry.

To the people who don’t about matha Patti. Matha Patti is just a piece of jewelry that is worn on the head. It can completely change your look. You must try it if you have not tried it earlier. Don’t miss this chance darling!

Well, a bride is always there with full of jewelry so it is obvious that ladies know what pieces of jewelry to wear and how.

But the one thing I have observed lately is the unique designs of Sheeshphool/Mathapatti. Celebs are highly wearing this at their weddings.

That’s why to add a little extra shine to your jewelry collection must add a Sheeshphool/Mathapatti.

Have a look at this picture. Her matha Patti has just brought so much shine to her entire look.

5 Essential Things to Create an Indian Bridal Look

With the mathapatti have a beautiful hairstyle with it and you are good to go.

If you are a fan of jewelry the must check this category of jewelry out to get updates on minimal jewelry, ethnic jewelry


5. Nude makeup

The last one for Bridal look essentials includes nude makeup. Now let us have a discussion about makeup.

Earlier ladies used to do a particular kind of makeup that was way common like golden eyeshadow, black eyeliner, red or maroon lipstick, bright blush, and that’s it very basic!

But nowadays we have a variety of makeup to wear on our outfits. And also nude look is just getting crazy attention.

No matter what kind of outfit you are wearing be it a normal floral dress, formal look, traditional, or a bridal look. Ladies are always up for nude lipstick

Don’t think that nude makeup will look so simple on my heavy outfits.It is not like nude makeup with smokey eyes can just make you look amazing you have never thought!

For reference look at the above photograph is there any heavy makeup over there?no right. It is so basic and simple but still, it is looking so gorgeous and vibrant

So that’s for now ladies. I hope this short guide for brides of 5 things has helped you! So if possible follow 5 things to create a celebrity bridal look.

Which one was your favorite do let me know! If you are becoming a bride then what thing do you think you must add to this list? Do comment on it

I will see you in the next post till then have a look at other articles from loadingstyle and if you want to connect with me drop a message on this contact form.

Welcome back to another blog. Can we have a turtleneck topic on board now?

You must have seen many ladies wearing turtleneck tops nowadays. Yes!. Turtleneck is getting a lot of demand now

And in this article, we will talk about how to wear a turtleneck in different ways.

So stay tuned!

how to wear a turtleneck

so come on let us discuss ,

how to wear a turtleneck: 7 turtleneck tops easy ideas to wear a turtleneck with a blazer:Turtleneck with jeans and a blazer

To get a more formal and elegant look one can go for this combination! A simple blazer can give a different shape to your personality.

A turtleneck with a good and decent color of denim and a blazer on the top of it is one of the famous yet chic combinations. Full sleeves or half turtleneck sleeves it’s your choice as because of the blazer only the blazer’s sleeves will be seen.

With this wear, a pair of blocked heels, scarpin heels, or pointed-toe boots heels and you are all set.

how to wear a turtleneck with a blazer has shared this pic

The above outfit includes a grey blazer, black turtleneck, and black jeans.

2-1 long sleeve turtleneck top with skirt

Though Turtleneck with skirt is the very old style of fashion but yet today too it looks all perfect and stylish.

In case if you are interested in getting a winter look with a skirt then you can wear long sleeve turtleneck top with a skirt and thigh-high boots. This combination will give you an astonishing look.

Mostly with a long sleeve turtleneck top, you can go for

a slit skirtwrap skirtbodycon mini skirt
long sleeve turtleneck top
The above picture is by

This includes a black turtleneck, white and black skirt, black blazer, and pointed-toe heels. Black stockings and skirt have enhanced the beauty of this outfit!

2.2.Turtleneck with a high slit maxi skirt

Maxi high slit skirts are just full-length skirts with a high slit. Maxi high slit skirts can literally create wonders if, it is worn proper!

Sleeveless turtleneck with high slit maxi skirt is the perfect combination.

3.Turtleneck with formal pants

If you love to wear formal clothes then this combination is for you!

currently, the turtleneck is going high with formal pants. And also this combination always makes us fall in love with the style of the turtleneck.

turtleneck tops has shared Tara’s photo on their article.

Tara is wearing a white turtleneck sweater, a white jacket with white formal pants, and heels. And this is giving a fine formal look.

If you want to give a casual look with cropped pants then go for

  • plaided cropped pants, vertical line cropped pants.

4.Turtleneck with mom jeans

Other than skinny jeans, ladies are highly obsessed with mom jeans for a now..And turtleneck with mom jeans could be the easiest way to style the outfit.

Mom jeans are just at their peak now.

long sleeve turtleneck top
Nicole here is wearing a blue turtleneck and blue denim jeans with a black belt which is enough to get set for the day!

5.chunky turtleneck

When we are talking about turtlenecks and if we are not taking chunky turtleneck on talk then it is not fair…

So a chunky turtleneck is something that looks like a sweater. And also chunky turtleneck can come up with a ribbed pattern.

With a chunky turtleneck, you can give a casual as well as a formal look.

Formal look with a chunky turtleneck

For a formal look, wear skinny jeans and a pair of like a blocked heels, mules, peep-toe heels, and that’s it.

Casual look with a chunky turtleneck

For this go for some baggy jeans and if you do not have a baggy one in the closet then also any kind of jeans will go well. And wear sneakers on it and you are good to go!

6.turtleneck sleeveless top with duster


yes, you heard it right.

Before styling your turtleneck with a duster let us have a small introduction about duster

A duster is nothing but a light, loose coat for women that do not have buttons, and for a more defined look, it can be worn with a belt.

If you do want to dive into a coat look then this duster is for you!

To get a more organized look with a turtleneck sleeveless top you must wear a floor-length duster on it.

If you are someone who loves to wear a jacket often and you are bored of mundane designs then this would be the best option for you!

7.Turtleneck with a suit

For a top to bottom complete formal look I do not think so there would be an any better option other than a suit. A turtleneck with a suit is a mind-blowing combination so Grab your turtleneck and pair it with a formal suit and that’s all…

Well, this combination will entirely depend on the color combinations. So have a good taste of colors while wearing these outfits. As a heels lover, I must suggest you wear a blocked heel, scarpin or a pencil heel to rock the look!

Must-Have a look at this!

The Turtleneck trend has touched the sky now. Women are wearing Turltneck designs as a blouse now and pairing them with beautiful sarees and elegant makeup.

A turtleneck which earlier was just used to be a simple kind of top or let us say a T-shirt has brought up with a lot of variations and types! Slowly and steadily old fashion trends have immensely given a new point of view to look at things from a different angle and with a different way by designers!

A new way of fashion trends has come up with a different way of showcasing and wearing. So a big thumbs to all these unique fashion enthusiasts out there.

As also I have mentioned designers in one of my articles. For the designers, I always have a special soft corner in my heart for giving us such incredible pieces to style.

Loadingstyle has a lot of special articles on heels, jeans, saree, ponchos, party dresses, party tops, shirts,3 formal outfits. Must check them!

That’s it for now! And will see you in the next article. Till then have a look at loadingstyle !