7 effortless ideas to style professional formal sarees for office wear

how to style professional formal sarees for office wear
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Thinking to wear a saree for the office? Yes, you should do that! Today I am going to show you 7 effortless ways to style professional formal sarees for office wear. And believe me, these 7 ways are very simple to carry and will give you a very classy, formal, and boss lady look and with this, your question like how to create formal saree look will definitely get solved.

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So let’s get started with this!

You are here because somehow you love to carry formal looks or it is a necessity for you to wear formals.


So do give a read to these articles to know more about formal looks

Alright! So let us talk about some myths that ladies have about sarees

Myths about wearing saree

  1. Not so formal –

Well, a lot of women do think that a saree is not so formal to wear for an office. But it is not like that! A saree is the perfect attire when it comes to formals. There are still ladies who do not feel comfortable wearing western formal outfits so for them saree is the best option to have their hands-on!

2. Time-consuming

For many ladies wearing a saree is a very time-consuming task. But my dear everything comes with practice. If you try to wear it often you will see that within 10 minutes too you can wear a saree.I also used to think the same but after wearing a saree often now I can easily wear and carry the saree no matter for how many hrs.It has become very easy for me belive me

3. Old fashion

Let me tell you. Saree will never go old fashioned.No matter how many ladies love to wear western clothes often but there will still be some ladies who still love to wear sarees as formals. As western clothes are hassle-free so a lot of people tend to incline to western formals but that doesn’t mean no one will wear a saree again!

Key pointers on how to create formal saree look

Here we will see some tips on how to create formal saree look. Though for formal outfits pastels, nude colors always work best. But still, if you are not a pastel shades lover then do not worry you can go for some common colors like navy blue, black, dark purple instead of going too bright and shiny you can try your hands on these.

1.Saree material

One more thing to be noted is that formal sarees are every particular in their own way. You can’t wear any shiny, glittery, heavyweight saree as formals instead you should go for cotton, silk, handloom cotton, khadi, tussar , georgette, raw silk.

Also when it comes to the designs on saree go for plain print, geometric print , floral prints, plain saree with printed pallu designs

2. Some modern formal saree blouse patterns

When it comes to the blouse. Blouse too has a different category as formals. There are some specific modern formal saree blouse patterns that are very popular for formals like boat neck, v neck, turtleneck, collar neck. And when it comes to sleeves then quarter sleeves, long sleeves, sleeveless blouses are also fine but see to it that it should not look much bold.

3. Makeup and hairstyle

In makeup too, go for nude shades of lipsticks, and for light makeup, you can go for bb creams or natural tone foundation for a little makeup look, kajal/eyeliner is still okay!

While creating a hairstyle you can have your hairs open, a mid ponytail also works good or if you are a bun lover then go for mid / lower buns

4. jewellery

YES, OF COURSE jewellery.

You can consider jewellery like oxidized jewellery, colorful pearls on formal sarees. In the necklace, you can go for a pearl necklace, choker necklace, heavy pendant oxidized necklace. In earing, you can use solid earrings and drop earrings but go only a little longer as you are heading office right?

5. Footwear

When it comes to footwear you can go for beige, black off-white, taupe, grey color footwear be it flats, heels both will look fine. Do not wear full of embroidery or glittery ones.

After taking some myths into consideration let us know about those 7 ways!

7 ideas on how to style professional formal sarees for office wear

1.Turtleneck blouse with plaid print

As we have a dedicated article on how to style turtleneck. There you will find ways to style your turtleneck and here we are talking about the turtleneck blouse pattern!

Yes, turtleneck bouses are also available and you can get the most out of it by pairing turtleneck blouse with plaid or geometric patterns.

Like this

modern formal saree blouse patterns
source – Pinterest

As you can see here with a black turtleneck she has worn a plaid print saree with minimal makeup and a simple bun!

2. v – neck blouse with suitable color saree

V neck blouses also have a different fanbase for a formal look. But while wearing v neck make sure it should not look much deep as we are in the working environment. Simple saree with zari order also works best with every blouse pattern so with v neck blouse.

how to style professional formal sarees for office wear
source – Pinterest

Here too with a kinda olive greens shade and yellow saree with a green and red border, a mid ponytail with a handbag the look is just killing! what do you think?

3. vertical striped designed blouse with printed saree

In formal saree, the vertical striped designed blouse is gaining a lot of attention as it looks way cool with printed or plain saree. Make sure to have a minimal print on the saree as the blouse is having printed designs on it.

professional formal sarees for office wear
source – Pinterest

Little drop earrings with vertical striped boat neck quarter sleeves blouse with black plain saree with a print pallu and the low bun are making the look very perfect as a formal one.

4. Plain saree with a printed blouse or vice versa

No matter which outfit you talk about print with plain combination always rocks be it jeans top, be it salwar kameez, be it ghagra everywhere plain with print looks great so with blouse-saree.

A plain blouse worn with a printed saree or a plain saree worn with a printed blouse both look classy.

Below blouse that I have shown is quite deep in the neck but for formals do go for deep neck blouses!

source – Pinterest

5. Collar neck blouse always on the top

Collar neck blouse can also withstand as an essential part of formal saree! Collar neck gives you a totally perfect formal look.

Again in the below picture, there is a plaid print saree as well as a blouse so yeas plaided print is quite popular amongst formals

source – Pinterest

6. Sleeveless blouse! will work?

Absolutely! A sleeveless blouse does look amazing with a formal saree. But make sure not to have a thin strap blouse for formals.

how to create formal saree look
source – Pinterest

As you can see here not only her blouse is grabbing the attention of her entire look but also her selection of saree and color do grab the attention so be particular of designs and color combinations!

7. formal saree with blazer

You can create formal saree with blazer look for special occasions and it looks way formal !

You too can slay by wearing a blazer on top of your saree! Wear a suitable color of a blazer on your saree and that’s it. A lot of women wear blazers on saree and it looks very cool giving you the boss lady vibe!

formal saree with blazer
source – Pinterest

That’s it for now you all ladies. Hope you liked the article.

Will see you n the next article with another interesting toic.

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7+amazing effortless ways to style professional formal sarees for office wear

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