poncho styling -Try these amazing 5 different ways | 2021

How to wear a poncho in different styles
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Welcome back to Loadingstyle with another interesting blog…And that is about PONCHO so come on, let us talk about poncho styling

Finally, winters are coming…And as a fashion blogger, I should talk about WINTER’S LOOK

In order to create a winter look, I can consider a poncho…While talking about a poncho one must think that How to wear a poncho in different styles?

Well, do you have any idea about poncho?

I know for sure that at least once in a life you have used a poncho but surely you must not be knowing that whatever you are wearing is a poncho. So poncho styling is the must topic to read!!

So now I have come with a poncho. Wherein we will talk about poncho, how to style them etc etc

poncho styling

What is a poncho

Poncho is just a outwear garment that is very loose in fitting giving a look of a cloak. There are different types of ponchos are available in the market. Earlier people uses ponchos to get good warmth and protection in winters. Poncho is a great alternative to a jacket or a sweater.

But today people are using ponchos as a style. Different color combinations and designs of ponchos will make you fall in love with this. Well, normally ponchos can vary with height some are long some are short.

Ponchos can give you both formal and casual looks. Ponchos is a really good alternative to tops. They are way trendy and a lot more comfortable because of their shape.

Have you enjoyed it till now? Stay tuned for more

poncho styling -Top 5 different ways

Poncho style is available in too many outfits like

Poncho top
Poncho sweater
Summer poncho dresses (shot/long)
Ethnic poncho dress
Poncho as a nightwear

Let us see

poncho styling-how to style poncho top

When it comes to styling a poncho top, you get a variety of poncho tops in the market

  • If you want a fancy poncho top you can go for the materials like Crochet , Knit , silk , Embroidered.All are very fabulous materials.
  • To style a crochet ponchos you can wear camisole underneath.
  • Pair your poncho top with shorts , skin tight jeans or straight cute jeans.
  • Baggy jeans under pocho top does not give you a fabolous look so try wearing skin tight jeans or straight cute jeans.
  • When it comes to foot wear you can go with heel boots or high heels.Heels can literally change your look a lot.

Here is the one



poncho styling-how to style a poncho sweater

Well, winters are here and we should give a try to a poncho sweater…

  • In order to wear a sweater poncho one can go with woolen material or hooded type poncho.It will surely give you winter look.
  • With sweater poncho , you can pair winter heels or winter boots.
  • If carrying a winter look is a case then you can wear winter cap on head.Also cap can enhance the look.

This below shown black poncho sweater has come up with very thick material and a beautiful design on the lower part of sleeves and poncho

black poncho


poncho styling-how to wear a summer poncho

Summer ponchos are the coolest type of ponchos anyone could ever wear. If you are a beach person then you must choose summer ponchos at least once.

  • Summer ponchos are also available in the form of short dress or a top.So to carry a perfect summer look you are having a great option , poncho short dress.
  • Also summer ponchos comes with transparent material, floral prints.Which totally gives you beach vibes
  • Summer look cannot go without wearing a summer straw hat.
  • For footwears in summer look go for simple designed flats instead of heels.And while sipping your favorutie drink enjoy your beach time with your summer poncho look.

Apart from summer dresses also there are a lot of trendy party wear poncho (short/long) dresses are available in the market so if you want to try out a party look with a poncho then too you have an option to get your hands on party wear poncho dresses.

poncho styling-How to style ethnic poncho dress

You will little get surprised after knowing that Ethnic poncho dresses are also available in the market.

After talking about western poncho we have landed on How to style ethnic poncho dress?

Ethnic ponchos are long dresses with a poncho shape embroidery and if it is worn properly then they will give you a very stunning yet trendy look.

You do not have to do much! just wear your ethnic poncho dress and pair suitable footwear with it and wear your jewelry and you are good to go!!

Poncho dresses with belts

Poncho dresses with belts is a very rare style people carry.

To give a more vogue look with a poncho dress here is a wonderful option waiting for you.

To get an updated look you can wear a belt of suitable color near your waist. I do not have to tell you that this look will set you on fire.

While choosing belts on poncho be a little bit picky because random elts are not going to give you the desired look.

And yes you can wear a belt with a poncho dress and also you can wear a belt with a poncho dress on jeans

If you want to see how poncho with belt look, looks like then just google it with poncho with belts and you will get a number of looks

Poncho as a nightwear

Poncho as nightwear! seems interesting right?

Poncho style is also available in nightwear with a spectrum of designs and colors. So if you are someone who wears nightwear and wanna try poncho-style then you must go for Ponch nightwear.

Have a loot at this

brown poncho nightwear


As you can see till now we have seen so many options to carry a poncho-style. Poncho is a very versatile outfit So have one of them in your closet.

Have a look at this amazing poncho collection from Flipkart

Have a look at blogs from loadingstyle

That’s it for now!! Thank you so much for reading here.Hope my article helped you 🙂

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