11 trendy Party wear tops for women to create a sizzling look

Party wear tops for women
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Welcome back to another blog. The blog is about Party wear tops for women. Yes, you heard it right!

As in the month of December, a lot of people go to parties! So why not pick up this topic now!

There are still some ladies who wear tops for parties.If you love to wear dresses for parties then check 7 ideas for black party dresses .

Other than dresses some ladies choose tops. So I have come up with Party wear tops for women.

Now the question is are party wear tops different from casual ones?

And the answer is somewhat yes!

There are some varieties of tops which are mostly meant for parties and occasions. So come on let us discuss some of the all-time women’s favorite party tops.

Also at the end, you will get some insights about how to style party wear tops!

Without any further discussion let’s get started with Party wear tops for women .

Party wear tops for women

Party wear tops for women

Earlier crop tops have taken the entire limelight of normal length tops. So the tops which I am going to mention in this article most of them will be crop /tank tops.

And the first one on the list is

1.sequin top

The sequin top is not the first priority only for me but for the entire world. Sequin dresses have mainly been made for occasions purpose only

Sequin is always at its peak when it comes to outfit. You must have always seen me talking about sequin design. Sequin is always on high for ladies.

The most famous sequin colors are black, navy blue, dark green, golden, silver, and sky blue. Also with color, you will get a variety of sleeves like flared, off-shoulder, strap sleeves.

If you don’t have a sequin top then You are just one step away from creating an elegant party look!

2.ruffle top

Ruffle top is the most trending option now. As women are highly using ruffled tops. While buying these tops be a little picky as random ruffle tops are going to work.

And also ruffle tops comes with a lot of cool options revolving around neck designs, back designs, sleeves. So have the special one in your closet.

3.backless top

Backless outfits are a never-ending attraction for ladies. Also, no matter which trend is coming and going backless outfits are always on high.

A backless top with a strappy back or knotted back is the chic option in the market for now.

4.mesh top

Mesh I nothing but a net cloth. While styling mesh top. You have to wear something which will totally go well with your mesh top.

Mesh looks damn stylish but rarely do ladies wear mesh tops.

Some of the very famous options to wear under mesh top are sports bra, camisole crop top, camisole bra.

With mesh top, specifically, black shiny Leggins /sorts/skirts are the wonderful option anyone can make.

5.Satin cowl neck top

As loadingstyle has mentioned in one of its post-(black party dress for women) about Satin cowl neck top. If you see them, you will realize they are only made for parties.

This top is made up of satin material with a cowl neck. Cowl neck top has come with a lot of eye-catchy shades now.

6.fringe hem shimmer top

The fringe hem is nothing other than a design but it creates miracles when it is fringed on shimmer.

The fringe hem on ordinary cloth does not give you a party look always but on shimmer will do.

To all fringe, hem lovers have one such top in your closet.

With this, we have covered 6 Party wear tops for women now let us see the remaining ones!

7.Front tie silk shirt

The front tie silk shirt is the most loved kind of shirt when it comes to any occasion.Its front tie has made this shirt very unique.

Silk shirts can be an option for formal party nights. Yet it will be formal with fashion kind of choice anyone could make.

When it comes to silk mostly black, white, blue, beige, grey, pink are the most eye-catchy colors for silk shirts.

8.back knot top

It has been almost 1 year Back knot top are just selling in a boom. This top has a knot on the backside. These tops are mostly crop tops with very elegant sleeves and neckline

If you just gazed at the back knot top you will get to know there are so many varieties are there in this top.

The back knot top can also prove to be the chicest one for the party.

9.one shoulder top

In one-shoulder top. One hand is sleeveless whereas another hand has sleeves.

Not only one shoulder dresses are pretty but also tops. One-shoulder tops are always in demand irrespective of any trend,

10.off shoulder v neck top

You might have seen off-shoulder v neck gowns, short dress, jumpsuits.

YES! they are that famous! so off-shoulder v neck top.

Mostly black color is more likely to available in this top. The beauty of this top is its neckline! V neck is a simple yet elegant neckline and with this off-shoulder is like the cherry on the cake!

11.balloon sleeves

And finally, the last one is Balloon sleeves. Balloon sleeves are very much famous for blouses. And slowly steadily the trend has shifted to ethnic dresses, shirt,s and tops.

Unlike off-shoulder, one-shoulder balloon sleeves have always been popular. Short , 3-4th , long sleeves all kinds of sleeves are available in balloon sleeves tops.

You will get all these tops very easily from online stores like Amazon , Flipkart, myntra , meesho , h&m,Urbanic, etc.

Till now we have talked about Party wear tops for women only!

But how to style them?

I have also come up with that..

How to style Party wear tops

  • Pair your party tops with top with a suitable color of high waist skinny jeans or a skirt like a slit skirt / side button skirt
  • If you want to give a shiny look then go for leather black skirts /shorts / solid leggings .They will set you on fire
  • Have a pair of heels mostly pointed toe heels , blocked heels , cross striped heels
  • Wear a choker and fine earings/necklace/bracelet if you want.
  • And now you are good to go!

With this enjoy your party!

I hope this article has helped you in knowing the trending tops.

Will again come up with another interesting topic till then check other fashion articles on loadingstyle

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