Best 9 holi outfit ideas : what to wear for holi 2022

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In this article, the main concern is to give you 9 holi outfit ideas.As it’s march month and holi is on the way. Holi is the most joyful Indian festival where we people celebrate this day full of colors of joy and happiness.

We love to play Holi and we do not miss any opportunity to play Holi but what is more important is while playing Holi we do have to take care of a lot of things as well as on this day a lot of ladies loves to look classy to click pictures, video to make this day a memory.

So that is why we have come up with this article to solve your questions like “what to wear for holi”,”what are the best holi dress ideas” and also to show you the list of things to take care of while playing Holi and also a list of best outfit ideas to wear on this day.

I promise you, you will get an idea of what to wear for holi and the options which I have given you are quite simple and elegant that you can also get in your wardrobe.

So without any further delay let’s get started it.

precautions to take while playing holi:

1.Apply oil

As we all know some colors are very stubborn while removing, also some people do have a very sensitive sin in such cases we have to quickly remove the color from the skin, face and in such cases oil creates wonders. I use coconut oil before playing holi. Oil helps to remove the color very easily.

2.Wearing sunglasses

In order to protect the eyes from colors, you can wear sunglasses while playing and no need to feel ashamed in wearing sunglasses. It’s your mere responsibility to protect the eyes.

9 holi outfit ideas : what to wear for holi 2022

1.white shorts and tie-dye top

Tie-dye is the most important attraction of people when it comes to holi. People love to wear tie-dye odhani, top, t-shirt, Kurti, shirt, and whatnot.

So you can consider wearing a tie-dye top for this holi. Tie-dye top goes best with white color shorts. But if you are protective about your white shorts on holi then you can try some blue denim shorts.

holi dress ideas

2.white saree with dark color blouse

Though to be very honest there are still some ladies who love to wear saree on holi. If you are one of those then try some basic print white saree with a fancy dark color blouse to give the sharp look with the saree. And have little dark lipsticks of shades like burgundy, brown, red to enhance the beauty of white color.

Imagine your soft white printed saree with an attractive blouse, dark lipstick, and colored face. Isn’t that amazing?Though to bevery honest this is my one of the favorite option amongst other holi outfit ideas

holi outfit ideas

3.ripped jeans with a white shirt

The ripped pattern has always been the attraction when it comes to holi and on top of that ripped jeans goes totally well with a white shirt.

Style your blue denim ripped jeans with a white plain shirt and to make them look more interesting tie a knot and wear minimal jewelry like layered necklaces, earrings.

4.Kurti salwar with bandhnai odhani

White Kurti with bandhani multicolor odhani just makes fall all ladies in love. If you want to create a sober desi look then go and try this combination and you will not regret choosing this.

As always remember do not just wear complete white outfits try to bring some color in other forms like you can use a colored scarf, dupatta, jackets, etc, etc

what to wear for holi

5.Go casual with jackets

If you want to look super casual yet stylish then at this festival do add a layer of colorful jackets, shrugs, or cardigans for the best experience with a simple t-shirt, spaghetti inside.

As Holi is there so try to wear colorful tie-dye jackets and since your jackets will be colorful do wear mild white color t-shirts, spaghetti, jeans, shorts, skirts.Well wearing colorful can be the most coolest option amongst mentioned holi outfit ideas

holi dress up ideas

6.Cigarette pants as usual always a classy option

Cigarette pants have always been a classy option for me when it comes to any event be it casual, traditional I always look up to cigarette pants for better finishing.

Nowadays a lot of ladies are choosing cigarette pants over leggings, jeans, palazzos to pair with Kurti.

So this year try some new combinations with cigarette pants and white cotton kurti of basic prints. Do not try to go heavy with kurtis as it’s a holi and no matter how much you try but still your clothes are going to get filled with colors so go for simple and basic clothes.

what to wear for holi

7.Cotton Anarkali

Cotton Anarkali gives you the perfect vibrant Holi vibes also we women do have Anarkali dresses in our closet so why not pick them up and wear them for holi party?

So pair up your Anarkali with some jhumka to create a little drama in your look. And open up your hairs to flaunt yourself.

9 holi outfit ideas  what to wear for holi 2022

8.Sunglasses and jewelry

Well this option doesn’t come under holi outfit ideas but I thought to add as an accesory.

When it’s a holi time and how can we forget about sunglasses? Flaunt your stylish attire with sunglasses and that’s it here is your “ootd”

With white color, outfits do stick with oxidized jewelry. As this combination always works the best.


Don’t even dare to wear heels on this way to look better and to make other ladies jealous as it will come back to you in the form of pain. While playing Holi it’s already a lot of mess there so stick with flats are if you are kurti, suits then go with our all-time favorite “KOLHAPURI”

Here we are done with the 9 holi outfit ideas .Hope you liked some of the above-listed holi dress ideas. And What are your holi dress up ideas? do let us know through the comment box.

In case you want to ask any questions then do drop a message on the contact page. Till then have a look at other fashion blogs that will definitely help you at loadingstyle also follow our Instagram account @loading__style

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