Best evil eye necklace designs 2021 | Nazar necklace designs

evil eye necklace
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You might have seen or heard evil eye necklace, Nazar necklace type of words or you are even not aware of it?

As we will introduce you to a gorgeous design amongst jewelry and the name is evil eye necklace or you can even call it as Nazar necklace.

The name defines something related to eye kind of designing. Yes It is just a pendant kind of thing which is mainly available in blue color having eye design on it that is why it is called an evil eye necklace or Nazar necklace.


What type of jewelry is available in evil eye design?

  • Necklace
  • mangalsutra (an ornamnet designed only for indian married women)
  • bracelet
  • earing
  • anklet
  • ring
  • watch charm
  • watch

The specialty of eye evil design

  • Looks attractive
  • Name of the design is evil eye but you will get many design in eye like some are round some are elliptical some are small some are little big.
  • Even you get this designs in gold, silver metal.
  • You get plenty of designs and varieties like anklet,braclet,earings,ring as mentioned above.

But as of now, we are only talking about necklace designs and some mangalsutra designs.

I Will give you a glimpse of the evil eye design if you are totally unaware of it.

evil eye necklace

This is how the evil eye looks.

So I think you are now a bit aware of the evil eye.

So let’s jump on

Best evil eye necklace designs / Nazar necklace

First will see Golden evil eye necklaces

1.evil eye necklace gold

In this, you will get the golden color chain

This pendant is one of my favorite pendant .It is beautifully designed. You can also get black color in this. This one can go perfect with black , navy blue or dark purple outfit.

Nazar necklace


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This one is round ins shape. And if is sky blue in color. White and blue combination made it look more elegant

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Again this is in elliptical shape. Its outer layer has has made it more beautiful. Don’t wear this particular design on casual clothing. You can pair this up on light colors too.

Shining Jewel Gold Plated Evil Eye Pendant with Chain & Crystals (SJ_2194)


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It has black color on it which makes it unique and it is round in shape.

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This one is really an eye caching one. The pendant is very tiny but it looks way pretty. You can easily pair this up with some beach outfit or bold neck top.

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Now let’s jump on 

2.evil eye necklace silver

If you are looking something for daily use which is light and thin and equally very pretty then this is for you. I can’t tell you in words but I loved this design from bottom of my heart. You must check it out.

Dark blue color on this pendant made miracles to this necklace.


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It has multiple colors on  pendant and it is round in shape. You can pair this up on dark color plain top or short dress. It will look pretty.

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If you want a silver chain with silver a pendant then this one is for you. Seems pretty right?

Mostly it will look fabulous on black and navy blue color

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3.Evil eye pendant

This one is the most attractive design. You can wear this for party or occasion. It will look damn pretty on party wear dresses or gowns.

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This is the most unique kind of pendant in terms of design and shape . It is in leaf  shape and also the way it has designed sing black ,blue color made it eye catching.

You can wear it on casual cloths.

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So finally we are done with some golden, silver necklace and pendant and now we will have a look at some mangalsutra design for married women.

4. evil eye mangalsutra

So many married ladies in India wear managlsutra. Evil eye mangalsutra comparatively looks more stylish because of it’s design so married women have one option for daily use.

here is the first one design. The pendant is vey tiny and makes it looks more pretty . It will more attractive on simple traditional wear be it saree ,kurti ,salwar kamij  .


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The very second design is shown below. You can wear this occasionally as it will look better on heavy designer traditional outfit.

For married women it is worth to buy.


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So till here we have seen mangalsutra but are you aware about mangalsutra bracelet ?

Mangalsutra bracelet as name shows bracelet that means we have to wear it on wrist but it has design of managsutra .

Earlier instead of wearing mangalsutra on neck some ladies wear mangalsutra bracelet on wrist.

As it looks way attractive to wear bracelet and on top of that evil eye bracelet . It is like a cherry on cake.

So come on let’s have a look at some trendy managlsutra bracelet.

5. evil eye mangalsutra bracelet

Seems simple , tiny and pretty right?

You can wear this for daily use too as it looks very simple and pretty.

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here we have two more design of bracelet which are elliptical in shape .

You can wear this two bracelets on heavy clothing as it has bit embroidery on it .

So  try something new and have your hands on it .

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So my all Indian married ladies . try  evil eye mangalsutra or mangalsutra bracelet  once in your life .

You will look damn stylish .


So what are you waiting for ? Have a look at those designs mentioned above and pick the one which you finds best or which suits you best.

So that’s it for now ladies.

What is your favorite design do let me know in comment section.

Have you ever tried evil eye design? What was you experience ?do let me know in comment section.

If you want any topic to write on do contact me

Will see you in next article. Till then have a look at loadingstyle .

Thank you so much for reading. It means a lot .


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