Difference between high waist and low waist jeans 2021: are low waist jeans not comfortable?

what is the difference between high waist and low waist jeans
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Hello lady, are you confused with the difference between high waist and low waist jeans?

Don’t worry I am here to help you out.

I will clear your confusion…

What is the difference between high waist and low waist jeans?

In this article, we will talk about the difference between a high waist and a low waist, and are low jeans not comfortable?

What is that?

see here…

High waist jeans Low waist jeans
These jeans fit you above or at the same level as your belly button
These jeans fit you below your belly button

That’s it,

Here is the example of high waist jeans

What is the difference between high waist ad low waist jeans
high waist

The above two pictures show you high waist jeans. So after looking up to high waist jeans

Let’s see the example of low waist jeans

low waist
jeans, jeans pants, clothing-43347.jpg
The above two pictures show you the example of low waist jeans.

For many years, low waist jeans have only been on-trend, but currently, there is a high demand for high waist jeans.

Now in the market majority, people are using HIGH WAIST jeans
Do you know the reason?

okay..no issues will tell you

Because high waist jeans fit you above your belly button that’s why you can easily wear short/tanked/crop tops. You will feel way comfortable in this jeans
jeans. And one more reason is in it, you comparatively looks better. And body shape also looks decent.

Believe me, I regret not choosing High waist jeans for long. I also used to doubt whether it will look nice or not? whether I am going to feel comfortable or not?

Because of all these doubts, I kept on buying low waist jeans and so I could not wear crop tops for long. I used to feel uncomfortable with low waist jeans. Many of my
crop tops would have stayed in the cupboard for years and years.

My many friends suggested buying high waist jeans but I keep on delay in the thought that I won’t feel comfortable in it

So finally after thinking a lot I bought HIGH waist jeans and Believe me I liked the experience.

One more thing is many ladies think that high waist jeans would hide belly fat and hip dips.
Personally saying it will not entirely hide your belly fat and hip dips. But to some extent, it might help.

As everyone has different body types and experiences, no one will guarantee you whether you will look thin or not…

Are you enjoying it? keep reading

So is there anything bad in Low waist jeans?
Absolutely NOT…

Low waist jeans are just a design or pattern of cloth unlike others so there is nothing good and bad as such…

Are low waist jeans not comfortable?

It totally depends on the person and choice varies from person to person. Everyone has a different comfort level so some of us would be liking a high waist and some would be liking low waist jeans. It is always about carrying the one in which you feel good.

So what is the solution?
Try both and pick the one which suits you best, where you feel more comfortable !!

I also did the same…Until and unless you don’t try both how would you get which one fits you good? and where do you feel more comfortable?

If you ask me my answer would be high waist jeans...

I don’t know why but HIGH WAIST jeans have a special corner in my heart…

Things to consider while wearing/styling jeans:

  1. A lot of women use jeans for a daily routine and I am amongst them without jeans it is very tough to get dressed up. Jeans play a very important role. It is very easy to carry, easy to wear. Jeans are the most comfortable attire for me

So a person like me who wear jeans for daily routine it is very important to wear the most friendly one hence after trying a lot of type of jeans finally I got the one which is suitable for me.

So it is equally important for all the ladies to go through various types and select some which are the best fit for you.

2. There are so many ways to wear jeans in different forms and still look stylish. Jeans could be worn with heels, shoes, boots, sneakers, flats, and whatnot.

And also you can wear jeans for college, office, parties, get together in short everywhere.

3. There are still some things that matter a lot like which type of jeans you are pairing with which footwear and top. So have a great combination of jeans, top, footwear, and fashion accessories ( if you wear )

So while considering jeans to be a great outfit keep in mind all those above-mentioned things.

If you want some ideas about what type of heels you should wear with jeans then check heels with jeans

If you want ideas for a necklace check evil eye necklace

Do give a read…

For more insights have a look at some jeans…

Buy now

Buy now

Buy now

Buy now

You have plenty of options to buy be it online be it offline.

Though I have only shown skinny jeans. But there are a lot of types of jeans available in the market like mom jeans, bell-bottoms, boyfriend jeans, ripped jeans and many more..

So what was your experience with both types of jeans? tell me in the comment section

And the last question to you all is which one is your favorite high or low waist jeans?

Well, whatever you choose high or low waist jeans do pair shirts, crop tops, tops, jewelry, high heels with jeans. High heels will make you look more fashionable.

That’s it for now…

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Let me know in the comment section if you have more queries will definitely try to resolve it
And yes how you felt about my blog let me know…
Take care ladies.


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