Jeans are the most commonly used attire for women all around the globe it’s a very normal fact. The market is flooded with so many types of jeans now, just a little understanding of colors/color combinations/trends/clothing will make a big difference in your look but there are ladies who find it difficult to style the jeans for their daily routine (unlike my old version) but what if you make them fashionable with some simple tricks? yes, it’s possible. It is not at all a big task to style jeans in a more chic way. What do you need for this? jeans with top/shirt/footwear/few accessories (if you want) That’s it, right ? And you are done! But “what jeans will go on what ” this question needs clarity and to have more clarity and choices on it ,do give a full read to the articles in the “JEANS” category and make sure it will help you a bit or so!