My experience with bralette – saree blouse substitute

My experience with bralette - saree blouse substitute
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Well in this article I am going to tell my personal experience. And this article will be about My experience with bralette – saree blouse substitute

For a lot of time, I was not consistent on these blogs as I was busy with other things. And that was my college festival. When it comes to festivals in India we wear sarees on traditional days.

For so many years I was always carrying a proper traditional look with kathapadar saree, paithani or some traditionally designed saree. And by carrying such looks over and over again I was getting bored vibes so thought to do something new this time.



So here I am with the great experience with a bralette.


My experience with bralette – saree blouse substitute

Last year I bought one sky blue floral colored saree and for that, I was searching for some v neck black off-shoulder blouse.

I searched it online also in some shops but wasn’t getting the desired one so I went for searching off-shoulder crop tops to wear as a blouse.

And this process took a lot of time also I had a lot of things to handle so I was just roaming in the market in order to get the perfect blouse and unfortunately I didn’t get what I wanted and was returning home and meanwhile I saw a small shop and I saw a black bralette with a fine floral design on it.

Without having a second thought I went there and checked if it will be the right match or not and I just bought it. Though till the time I don’t wear it and see if it is going well with the saree or not I was super confused about my decision of adding a bralette into my wardrobe.

Guess what I tried it with the saree And it was going perfectly with the saree. I was very happy with the idea of the bralette. Basically, I was wearing a black bralette with sky blue color saree.

I hope my experience with bralette can resolve your queries like Can you wear a bralette as a saree blouse? , Can a bralette be worn as a saree blouse? , What should I wear instead of a saree blouse? etc and for now my answer to all these questions is


But for what should I wear instead of a saree blouse? this question point to be noted is bralette is not the only option. You can try a number of things like crop tops, and shirts.

Is bralette comfortable?

I felt bralette was comfortable for me. As it comes with a padded pattern so you can definitely rely on it.

ps. My elder sister suggested I take bralette into consideration if nothing is working and I did the same.

And with the bralette and saree now let us come to the other accessories that had helped me in completing the look.

1. necklace –

When you are wearing little open neckline dresses make sure to wear a choker to enhance the look and I did the same I was wearing a silver-colored necklace.

The necklace was a little heavy as compared to the design of the saree and that’s what I was planning to go a little heavy for pieces of jewelry in a simple lightweight saree



2. earings

Also when it comes to earrings I was wearing silver medium-length earrings. And the reason behind choosing not-so-long earrings is because the necklace design was quite compact and if I am wearing long earrings chances are high that they will not look good together so I chose medium-length earings.



Also with the necklace and earing, I was wearing one bracelet and rings

3. yellow peep toe heel

Now coming to the footwear I was wearing yellow peep toe heels though I had black eels in my shoe rack.

But chose peep-toe heels because it is very easy to wear and remove. So I do not need to bend every time to wear the heel. Also, I was wearing this outfit for the whole day that’s why I chose something easy to handle.

Also yellow was going good with the blue saree so I decided to wear this.



4. smokey eye makeup

To enhance the look with the light blue color I decided to wear smokey eye makeup and it was perfectly going with my saree.

And I was very happy with the makeup.

5. silver lace

Also, important to mention that I separately stitched silver lace to the saree. As the saree was looking a little simple so I thought to add a little shine to it by giving a layer of silver lace at the border.

Since I was wearing silver jewelry so sliver lace was going perfect with the look.

And unlike other tried things this experiment also gave me good results.

So with the help of these 5-6 things, I carried this look very neatly and my lot of friends liked my look. Usually, I don’t go for western looks when it comes to saree but this time I really feel proud of myself that I was able to carry this look.

Create the similar look

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Do let me know did you liked the look or not.

bralette - saree blouse substitute

Hope My experience with bralette – saree blouse substitute has helped you up to a point. And believe me, I was that kind of girl who was never interested in buying bralette for insecurities like what if I feel uncomfortable in it …. but now I am more interested in bralettes now.

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