bohemian style ultimate guide – This is how I created a bohemian look

How to create a bohemian fashion look
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You are here because somewhere you are obsessed with bohemian fashion style right? so here I have come up with an exclusive bohemian style ultimate guide with useful information about how to carry a bohemian look also Which are the essential things to wear while eating a boho look

bohemian style ultimate guide

Though I picked this topic I have no idea about the bohemian trend is still there or not in the market since now I have done something related to it that’s why thought to come up with this

Hope you all will enjoy it!.

Now you must be having question like “How to create a bohemian fashion look” , “What does bohemian fashion look like?” that is why I have come up with 7 bohemian fashion essentials which will give you enough idea about what it takes to create a bohemian look

How to create a bohemian fashion look : 7 bohemian fashion essentials

There are some boho fashion essentials, based on which the entire look is dependent and hence made a separate section for that. To make you more relevant with this look.

Ans with such easy points you will get the roadmap to style your look.

Hope this adds some value to you:)

  1. mix, funky prints (This is the base of boho style)
  2. Try to add a flared, ruffled pattern in your dresses, and tops
  3. to accessorize well with tribal jewelry, tiara, Bandanas, hat, sunglasses, and hippie handbags. scarves. (Much much essential)
  4. use proper suitable footwear like boots, strap heels, or use tan, brown-colored gladiators. (Complete your look with this)
  5. When it comes to clothes you can have the maxi dress, knee-length dress, flared palazzo, long skirts, tops of such boho prints.
  6. Make sure to add a “print with the plain” combination. That means if you are wearing a boho printed top make sure to wear plain colored bottom on it. But if you are wearing a plain top then make sure to add a printed shirt, shorts, and palazzo on it.
  7. Also to add more touch you can wear denim jackets, and long print shrugs they also look cool.

Now enough about essentials let’s talk about some bohemian style inspiration based outfit ideas to create a bohemian look so that you will get a little more insights so that as per your convenience you can style your look.

bohemian style inspiration : outfit ideas to create a bohemian look

  • Plain print top, jeans/shorts with a printed shrug with boots.
  • Bohemian printed knee-length flared sleeves dress with gladiators
  • Hat, sunglasses, crop top with a long skirt
  • V neck bohemian print maxi dress with long necklaces and bandana
  • Bohemian printed short skirt, crop top, hat, gladiators/boots
  • Slit dresses and slit skirts are always on high for bohemian prints!
  • Palazzos jumpsuits are also some comfortable options and you can wear mules or some similarly designed flats on them with necklaces and bracelets for a complete look. Else for an edgy look, you can have a scarpin on it

Some of the categories you should definitely check from loadingstyle to get a brief idea on

What are bohemian colors?

  • black
  • white
  • red
  • tan
  • orange
  • brown
  • cream
  • beige
  • dark blue

And on the top of it

how you create the look with what you have is always more essential than anything !!

Do you agree with me?

So the reason behind choosing this boho topic was to make you introduce to my real-life experience with boho fashion.

This is how I created a bohemian look

As I told you about my college event in the article “bralette- saree blouse substitute ” and in the same event we were doing a fashion show and the theme we chose was “BOHO THEME”.

Well, I wasn’t knowing anything about the bohemian theme. I just googled about the fashion show theme because we were planning to do it. Then I saw the list of themes but I found the bohemian theme interesting.

I searched various outfits on Pinterest and slowly steadily I just fall in love with this fashion. And after a few days, we finalize the theme and started finding such outfits.


And I was quite lucky that I got the skirt for my friend. And also I had the cape top already with me.

So I paired the cape black plain print top with the skirt. Super easy ! Isn’t it?

Accessories And jewelry

And I just wear one choker and earing with mixed colored bracelet And to give a little extra touch I tied a bandana on my head. And also important to mention that I could have created the best look with the bandana but due to the lack of time I could not get the chance to tie it 🙁


And when it comes to makeup (I was quite lucky that my friend helped me in making me ready). I had red eyeshadow on silver shimmer on my eyes which was giving me a very fabulous look. I applied burgundy lipstick which was going good with the eyeshadow

But that is fine. As our team won and also got a lot of photos and videos clicked in this event so yes I am happy 🙂

But yes I was carrying this look for the first time so yes I am not so pro in it. But somehow I tried my best to create the look. But with this article, I want to tell you that also have a look at such different fashion styles to add a little different drama to your outfits. It will definitely give you joy 🙂 Believe me.

I don’t know if you guys will be liking my look or not but certainly, I am happy that I am influencing you people to go for such rare and unique looks that can completely mesmerize you!

bohemian style ultimate guide
How to create a bohemian fashion look

You will enjoy boho outfits! Believe me!

Hope this article has helped you in exploring something new. So go and get your hands on this look.

So if you are someone who really wants some ideas then you can some of the looks on the Pinterest which will help you in understanding it

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