Best 5 tops under 300Rs

Best 5 tops under 300Rs
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Best 5 tops under 300Rs, Yes you heard it right!

Welcome back to another blog…

You must have using tops /crop tops/t-shirts/shirts for your daily routine


If you are someone who often wears a top then this blog is for you

What will you get in this blog

  • Things to consider before buying any top
  • Best 5 tops under 300Rs

Stay tuned!

Till now Loadingstyle has blogged about heels, jeans, shirts, jewelry, sarees but now we will talk about …..

Best 5 tops under 300Rs

Tops are the most essential outfit of our daily routine. Personally for me right choice of TOP matters a lot.

There are a lot of things which I consider before buying any top..And I will share that with you.

Things to consider before buying any top

  • Before buying anything for you have a look at your comfort zone first.The clothes in which you feel comfortable ,buy only them.
  • Otherwise if you buy something out of your comfort zone then those clothes will stay in your closed years and years unlike me . I have a bundle of tops which I do not wear for months and years because I did not do right choice while buying.
  • When I say comfort zone I mean Length of the top , material with which the top is made , fitting , neck and back.
  • Now let us deep dive into each point.

  1. Length of top : If you are someone who always are comfortable in not so short tops then do not go for short crop tops.And comfort plays a great role in your personality.If you are comfortbale within yourself then you easily get distrubed if you are travelling or where ever you are going.
  2. Material: Be crystal clear about the material in which you feel good.Like some ladies do not like non transparent , thin kind of material so have a look at the material.If your material is thin then you have to face some problems such as your nipples or the shape of your innerwears will be seen.In such cases situation anyone can get disturbed.Hence avoid this mistake and have a good choice of material.
  3. Fitting : When it comes to fitting some people hates tight fitting and some people are okay with it.You have to identify what you like ? tight or loose fitting ?
  4. Neck and back:There are number of tops are available with different styles of back andneck like v shape , pack neck , turtle neck , round neck , round back , backless , deep neck , square back etc .And according to this choice, comfort level also varies from person to person.So try some of them which you feel pretty and get an idea about your choice.And according to that buy your desired top.

In the above points, I have mainly focused on YOUR COMFORT ZONE.

So till now, you must have got an idea about your choice. Now is the right time to showcase Best 5 tops under 300Rs and I hope at least one of them you would like.

Best 5 tops under 300Rs

Best 5 tops under 300Rs tie crop top

Nowadays tie tops (front /back both) are in trend and at the same time, they are budget-friendly. So you will see many ladies are wearing tie tops. And now I have come with this black tie crop top. Although Plain color crop tops are very much in trend now.

But this top has a tie on the backside. The beauty of this crop top is its V neck. V neck tops always look fabulous. As this is black in color you can pair this with any kind of jeans you like, such as denim, skin-tight jeans, baggy jeans, nude shade formal trousers, nude shades shorts/skirts. You have plenty of options.

When it comes to footwear it totally depends on what you have paired with a crop top. Though heels, sneakers can easily go with them. Have an eye on it.

Best 5 tops under 300Rs

BUY NOW floral top

Since 1 or 2years floral prints are again gaining a lot of attention from people be it saree be it tops, be it shorts, be it gowns/dresses. Floral prints can be seen everywhere.

Hence I have selected one blue floral top which has pretty prints on it. As you can see it has very beautiful sleeves which enhance its look.

You can pair this top with black or white jeans. Though You will look totally exceptional if you pair this top with white jeans. Other than jeans you can also go for shorts, skirts. While pairing with skirts make sure to tuck in.

Have a look…

Best 5 tops under 300Rs


3.formal top

Formal tops have a different fan base for office-going and college girls. There are many events wherein we have to wear formals and in such cases what could be a better choice other than FORMAL TOPS.

There are many ways to pair a formal top. The one I have shown below can easily go with formal trousers, formal shorts, formal skirts. And to add a cherry on a cake do wear formal shoes or heels.

And you are all set!!

The beauty of this formal top is its sleeves and knot. These two things have made this top totally excellent

Best 5 tops under 300Rs

BUY NOW blue top

Unlike me, there are people who love to keep their dressing simple, fine but also trendy. Here I have found one navy blue top. The top is quite simple but trendy. The beauty of this top is its color combination of yellow, white, and navy also at the same time its sleeves. Sleeves are quite different and eye-catchy

You can pair this one with denim. Denim with this top can create a totally exceptional look. With this, you can wear block heels or sneakers. It is up to you…

navy blue top


And the last one on the list is the orange top. It has triangular white prints on it. It has totally different sleeves which makes this top very unique.

If this top is worn with black jeans and heels it will totally go fine. This top can provide you with good comfort. And here is the picture.

orange top


Till now we have covered the Best 5 tops under 300Rs. Have one of them in your closet also you can get some best collections of tops on Flipkart.

Loadingstyle has a dedicated blog on 5 types of heels to wear with jeans and an Evil eye necklace. Must check this.

That’s it for now. Will meet you in the next blog with another interesting topic.

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