Outfit things: Are you using these 13 popular color combinations?

Are you using these 13 popular color combinations.
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Color combinations play a very important be it clothes, paint, home decor, marriage venue, or anything! And it is a must thing that one must know the popular color combinations so my question to you is Are you using these 13 popular color combinations?

I know a lot of ladies unlike me must be having some questions regarding color combos to make outfits “ootd” like What are the best Colour combinations for clothes? , What 2 Colours go well together? , what is the best dress color combination for female , What are some good clothing combinations? and a lot more right? That is why to help you out with this I have come up with this article.

In this article, you will get to see 13 popular color combinations that you can use for your day-to-day routine, occasional outfit, for a party night, or anywhere. Even I too, use these combinations whenever I want! So to know all this make sure to stay till the end.

If you are confused about which colors to choose for your routines then for you the suggested read

So here is the answer in the form of a list for your question “What 2 Colours go well together?” and “What are some good clothing combinations?”

1.Beige and burgundy

Dark color with light color suits most of the time so beige and burgundy. Nude shades can go pretty well with burgundy color. So if are a nude shade lover then you must consider this combination.

What are the best Colour combinations for clothes
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2. Navy blue and neon green

Through this combination, you must have seen a lot of times on sarees, ethnic dresses, ghagra

Wear a one-piece or gown or dress and pair this dress with neon green scarpin heels or vice versa and you will get amazed by your look. I will surely recommend you these color combinations if not for daily routine one must pick this occasional purpose.

navy blue neon green

3. Olive green and black

Olive green is my personal favorite color and when you pair this with black color, then the results are insane. These two colors give you a subtle look.

dress color combination for female

4. Pewter and white

Pewter with white is a super fabulous combination as you can see in this picture! For a top to bottom formal look do consider this look and you will never regret choosing these colors. When it is a grey shade how can we miss our party night? Get your hands on this for a party look too!

What are some good clothing combinations

5. Black and taupe

Taupe and black form a perfect combination. It can be used for every occasion. But overall black and taupe color combination largely suit formal attire, casual looks, and party outfits.

Formal taupe shirts are just amazing! and when you pair them with black formal pants and this will be the best “ootd” you have ever worn for office

When it comes to heels taupe and black both are largely used colors for heels

What are the best Colour combinations for clothes

6. yellow and black

Yellow with black is the second insane combination on our list till now. Yellow color always gives you very fresh vibes and on top of it, our all-rounder black color gives you a very classy look.

Yellow color is highly getting attention in traditional attires. But the big thing is you can create every look with these two colors be it traditional, western, and guess what formal look too!

Will you consider this combination or you have used it already? do let me know!

yellow black

7. Grey and maroon

Grey and maroon color you probably haven’t seen much but this combo is also worth its combination. You can go for the grey outfit and maroon heels and you will fall in love with this combo.

maroon grey

8. Teal and black

We have already done with 7 color combinations and as I promised at the very beginning we will be covering 13 color combinations! so stay tuned more things are yet to cover!

Teal color is a very classy color.

A casual or noncasual teal color outfit with black heels looks suer magical. Definitely go for this combination.

Are you using these 13 popular color combinations?

9. red and white

Again comes the super amazing combo of light and dark color which is cream and dark coffee color. The Fred and the white color combination is a super calm and super fresh color.

A lady looks way pretty and beautiful with this color combo. You can consider combinations for every kind of outfit. Yes, I said every kind of outfit! Be it a date night dress, party wear slit/shimmer dress, casual day outfit, office outfit, or a beach lightweight dress.

What are some good clothing combinations

10.purple and yellow

These two colors are very dramatic though. You must have seen this combination in western and traditional outfits a lot of times right?

If you can choose these two shades properly and if you wear and carry it properly then you can really slay in your outfit. So take care of shade in this case.

What 2 Colours go well together

11.pink and purple

Whenever I these two colors together it just made me remind of the childhood days when we were obsessed with the barbie doll world. To recreate those vibes by having this combination with you!

You can definitely choose these colors to create your casual looks, and when it comes to traditional looks you know how this combination is popular for Nauvari sarees/paithani saree

What 2 Colours go well together

12.Lavender and white

The people who love wearing simple and light colors should definitely go for this combination. Do know people a lot of people do use this combination for their marriage dresses too! So think how popular and amazing this combination is!

dress color combination for female

13. baby pink and peacock green

Have you tried this combination at least once? If not then go and try this one! And you will get obsessed with these colors. Peacock green is indeed a very unique color and if you pair this with light shades unlike bay pink it will give you stunning results.

I will not recommend this for western formal wear as it does not look like the appropriate choice for this besides this you can definitely try this for formal Kurti and formal sarees!

What are some good clothing combinations.

So we have completed 13 combinations of colors for creating your best look. Do let me know which one was your favorite combination from these through the contact form!


By taking some colors and by doing some combinations we have already taken 12 combinations into consideration to make your look stunning one level up and they are

  • Beige and burgundy
  • Navy blue and neon green
  • Olive green and black
  • Pewter and white
  • Black and taupe
  • yellow and black
  • Grey and maroon
  • Teal and black
  • red and white
  • purple and yellow
  • pink and purple
  • Lavender and white
  • baby pink and peacock green

Will see you in the next article with the other interesting topic till then have a look at other fashion blogs from loadingstyle.

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