Know the truth -Are high heels going out of style? 2021 |High heels are no longer in the trends?

Are high heels going out of style?
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What am I hearing? Are high heels going out of style?

Are high heels going out of style ?

Do you really think so?

Let me tell you it is never gonna happen …

Are high heels going out of style?

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So the topic of our discussion is are high heels going out of style?

So come on without any further delay let’s jump on it!!


1. Why high heels will never go out of style?
2. Why is it not the end for high heels?
3. Where do high heels are being used?
4. Take care of these things while wearing heels
5. Combination of clothes that can be worn with high heels:

Why high heels will never go out of style ?

  1. If we talk about heels going out of style it is a highly contrasting question for me. In terms of heels some particular type of heels may not be in much use of people may be because of its shape , design , color ,uncomfortableness etc that does not mean all heels are going out of style. This is the most important thing which we have to consider.
  2. There may be some places in the world where women do not wear heels or where the demand for heels is very low this might be the one reason why some people must be thinking that heels are out of style.

is it the end for high heels ?

Answer to this question

high heels will never go out of style

Why is it not the end for high heels ?

When It comes to is it the end for high heels…Then the answer is no because we ladies use heels for so many purposes…

If it comes to selling, marketing, production sometimes we may find some issues. Like for example sometimes the production of heels may increase or decrease.

It may happen that a particular type of heel goes out of style forever or for a period but the production or usage of entire types of heels from all over the world will not end.

is it the end for high heels

As I said the demand for high heels may increase or decrease at any time and for any reason but for sure the demand for high heels will never be completely departed.

And one more thing is high heels have their own pros and cons on our body for using them. But at the same time, it looks equally attractive so ladies don’t about buying and using it.

As you can see from so long heels are so popular in the market. Visit ay shopping website or any shop in your area you will find heels of various varieties for sure.

High Heels are the most common fashion accessory that is being used in everything. Some most common types of heels are block heels, wedges, pencil heels, pointed heels, striped heels, boot heels and so many.

Where do high heels are being used?

  1. There are so many dance forms that require high heels like salsa, bachata, kizomba, tango and many more, and at the same time, there are plenty of dancers who performs all these forms of dances and that too all over the world so just imagine.
  2. There are so many fashion shows, pageant shows that are kept running throughout the time. Many models , actresses use heels often in songs, movies, shows or sometimes in daily life too.
  3. Even we as normal people use high heels for parties, occasions, get-togethers or some ladies may use it for day to day life so obviously how could someone say is it the end for heels.
  4. Currently as you can see digital world is present everywhere there are so many beauty , fashion , lifestyle influencers are there who showcase upcoming collection thorugh brandpromotions /collaborations heels on their instagram ,facebook page , youtube channel and beacuse influencers are there so high heels brands are.
So after reading till here are you convinced with the fact that it is not the end of high heels…

If you ask me I am damn crazy for heels especially black heels steal my heart every time. High Heels have the capability to enhance the look.

There are plenty of types of heels available in the market like block, pencil, wedges, etc. Based on your comfort level you can choose the one in which you feel good and comfortable.

We can wear heels with any outfit but the thing matter is which type of heel you wear with which outfit. There are plenty of varieties of heels available for the outfits in the market be it jeans, shorts, suits, Kurti, ethnic wear, skirts, saree, bottoms, palazzo, jumpsuit, formals, and the list goes on and on…

If you use heels or you want to wear heels but you are not much aware of which heel to wear with jeans then check heels with jeans

Take care of these things while wearing heels:

*The ladies who wear heels must be knowing that wearing heels sometimes can affect their feet causing them pain when they use them a lot or sometimes when they are not much familiar with heels.*

  1. So make sure that you take proper care of your body, feet while wearing heels if you are not used to heels then do not wear it for long hours otherwise skin will cause abrasion.
  2. .If you want you can wear heel protector socks to protect your feet if it is getting affected.
  3. If you are a beginner then you can start with a short-height heel in order to get comfortable with heels.
  4. At starting you can wear wedges and blocked heels this are little bit comfortable to carry and in this heel, it is very easy to walk.

Combination of clothes that can be worn with high heels:

  • Heels – shirts/tops/crop tops – jeans
  • Heels – shorts – tanked/crop tops or shirts
  • Heels – kurti – ankle length or normal leggings or jeans
  • Heels – skirts – glitter tops/transparent shirts
  • Heels – formal trousers-formal shirts
  • Heels – ethnic attires

The above is my most favorite combination of outfits what are yours? let me know in the comment section.

If you want to know the type of shirts then you can check wardrobe essentials

You can easily get heels online or in shops. For online heels shopping, you can check amazon, Flipkart, Ajio, Myntra

So to all the ladies out there if you have not used heels at all and if you are planning to wear them, do wear them and let me know your experience.

So what do you think about”Are high heels out of style ?“Do let me know in the comment section.

So that’s it for now ladies…How do you like about my article do let me know…

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