Thank Us Later – 7 Surprising options for formal kurtis for office wear

formal kurtis for office wear
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Want to build an ethnic formal wardrobe for office wear? Then you are in right place! Stay till the end to know 7 formal Kurtis for office wear. This article will indeed help you in building the classy and subtle collection of Formal Kurtis.

Also, all the below-shown options are very budget-friendly. Such Kurtis are available online as well so no matter where you live because of online shopping you can get such Kurtis whenever and wherever you want.

Hence keeping the budget-friendly option in my mind I have come up with very helpful options on formal Kurtis for you all ladies so stick with me till the end.

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7 ideas for formal kurtis for office wear

1.Simple Kurti with desined palazzo

how about going for simple Kurti but a designed palazzo?

Believe me, this combination will make you fall in love with Kurti and palazzo

Don’t you believe it? wait will show you one picture after that you will get definitely agree with me

Simple Kurti with designed palazzo just means that any plain print or light printed simple Kurti with full-on printed palazzo! Simple with printed combination always rocks though.

formal kurtis for office wear

2. formal kurtis for interview-Button Kurti

Yes!Buttoned Kurti. Button Kurti can come under the category of formal kurtis for interview. So if you are going for the interview then this could be a very subtle and simple option for you. Do take this into account

You won’t believe that buttoned Kurti is the most popular one when it comes to ethnic formals.

Buttoned Kurti indeed looks very elegant and classy. You can pair this buttoned Kurti with cigarette pants, leggings, or palazzo. All will suit on buttoned Kurti.

Have a glimpse at this

button kurti
source – Pinterest

3.summer kurti

Summer Kurtis often comes with very subtle designs and summer Kurtis can be the best decision to have in our wardrobe.

One more thing to be noted is that, unlike button Kurti, this summer Kurti prints also fall under the category of formal Kurtis for interview. So you can also wear such simple printed Kurtis for interviews as well

Summer Kurtis comes with a lot of attractive prints, designs, materials which makes them very very attractive, and also women love to wear summer Kurtis for daily routine, offices, colleges, etc.

Although it is a very pleasant thing to have a good collection of summer Kurti as it is easier to handle and wear at the same time it gives you a very astonishing look after styling it with suitable leggings/palazzo

formal kurtis for interview
source – Pinterest

As above shown Kurti is not any kind of heavy kurti but because of its print and colors, it looks way perfect for a formal choice.

Do you also love to wear summer, Kurtis?

4. chikankari kurti with palazzo

When we are talking about Kurtis then chikankari Kurti is essential anyway. As you also are knowing from 2-3 years chikankari is in trend. Everywhere you can see this trend I growing and growing.

Here too you can pair your chikankari Kurti with leggings,cigarette pants, or Patiala. You have a lot of options! But amongst all of them, chikankari kurti with palazzo is the most used options by ladies.

And what would you like to wear with chikankari kurti?

You will see a lot of hot colors n chikankari but mostly women prefer pastel colors when it comes to chikankari.

Here too you can see sky blue chikankari Kurti with a white palazzo indeed looks like a great match

chikankari kurti with palazzo
source – Pinterest

5.Go plain from top to bottom

Do you have any idea about going plain from top to bottom?

If not then try it once. Have plain print Kurti with the same color of bottoms as well and you are done. Maybe it sounds boring but wait a minute will show you 2 looks then you will find this as a useful combination

7 ideas for formal kurtis for office wear
source – Pinterest

With A plain printed Anarkali too you can hit the office without any second thought isn’t it?

7 ideas for formal kurtis for office wear
source – Pinterest

As shown in the picture a plain blue suit is also a very cool option as a formal outfit.

6.mid slit with a cigarette pant

In Kurtis also you will get mid slit, side slits and they look way classy on cigarette pants. And believe me, slit Kurti looks totally exceptional even if it has a plain print on it. So till now if you don’t have one then look for such options!

If you are styling slit Kurti as a formal one then go for the Kurti which is slightly below the knee or up to knee-length slit Kurti. Otherwise, it won’t give you a formal look.

Though there is no such thing that leggings or palazzo won’t go good with a side slit with Kurti. They will also look good but cigarette pants creates magic when you wear them with a side slit Kurti.

If you don’t believe then have a look at this

7 ideas for formal kurtis for office wear
source – Pinterest

A mid-cut baby pink color Kuti with baby pink cigarette pants looks amazing what do you think?

And when it comes to cigarette pants heels can be the best option you can ever try also flat footwear does look good but you are a heel person then you definitely try heels on cigarette pants.

7.Knee length Printed kurti with patiala

I know you may get confused with this combination.

This combination is nothing but a printed simple Kurti up to the knee with a Patiala. In the below-shown picture, you can see that only a minimal printed full sleeve Kurti with a simple Patiala is looking totally perfect.

formal kurtis for office wear
source – Pinterest

Have you got an idea what type of Kurti I am talking about?

That’s it for now ladies we’re done with 7 ideas for formal Kurtis for office wear. Which one was your favorite do let me know! Hope this article has helped you!

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Thank you so much for reading till here 🙂

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