unbelievable 5 ways to wear shirt as a jacket

5 ways to wear shirt as a jacket
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DO you know? what are the 5 ways to wear shirt as a jacket? okay, forget about it. First, give me one answer-

Do you also have some shirts in the wardrobe that fits you tight and those shirts are there in the wardrobe for year and years? Then just bring them back for creating some new looks (“shirt as a jacket”) with me. I guarantee you, you will definitely love this article. As you will be using your favorite shirts again that you could not use for a long time.

In this blog, we will give you some authentic ways with which you can wear your shirt as a jacket. By the end of this blog, you can literally create some simple ways for you to dress something new and classy. So stay tuned till the end!

This article suggests to you some basic types of shirts that we generally have in our wardrobe and also what kind of tops, shirts, footwear, color to wear with them all are covered in this article.


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But for now, let us know about my experience

Know my experience from “how to wear a shirt as a jacket” to creating very diverse yet elegant looks

So let us talk about My experience from using the shirt as a shirt to the shirt as a jacket. It was a time of a covid when the entire world was suffering a lot from covid and I was in college life so every college-girl/boy has quite different clothing stuff in their wardrobe so I was also having a variety of shirts, top, etc.

But during covid, college was in online mode so I didn’t use those clothes for a long time and after a certain point, I put on the weight so wearing the same shirts that I was using previously was fitting very tight. So I could not wear that shirt so I just tried some new ways of wearing the same shirt but how?

  1. I had a purple transparent shirt so I started wearing this shirt as a jacket with keeping buttons open and inside I used to wear black square neck camisole with blue mom jeans or black high waist jeans with yellow peep toe heel or black block heel and this combination was mindblowing.

2. And also I was having one denim shirt I wore that shirt a lot of time but then I started wearing a denim shirt as a jacket with one black t-shirt or horizontal line blue-white t-shirt with mom jeans and white sneakers! with this, I carried a damn cool casual look.

And with this unique experience, I created different looks with the same shirts in different ways.

5 ways to wear shirt as a jacket

1.Denim shirt- how to wear a denim shirt as a jacket?

Believe me, this combination I have personally carried a lot of times! Wear your simple plain t-shirt/striped t-shirt/printed t-shirt and on top of it wear your denim jacket you can pair this up with jeans, a skirt, shorts. And with this wear scarpin of red, black, navy blue color or if you want sneakers, boots then too it’s fine.

And guess what you are ready with a super cool look.

If you talk about me I wore a blue and white striped t-shirt with a light blue color denim shirt with a little dark shade of mom jeans with white sneakers. The overall look was very amazing. Also, it was afternoon time so I polished my look with a sunglass and a cap.

Have a look at this denim shirt with black jeans look!

how to wear a denim shirt as a jacket
source – Pinterest

2. Wear Plain pastel color shirt as a jacket -but how?

A lot of ladies from you all must have created such looks earlier. There is not such a big thing to pair this up but provided you should choose a very exceptional color of shirt and underneath.

For a more casual look you can wear a little baggy shirt you can say one or two sizes bigger shirt. When it comes to hair a tight high bun or a mid ponytail creates wonders with a baggy shirt. When it comes to tops you can wear any suitable turtleneck, camisole, plain full sleeves top, and Pair this outfit with super cool shoes and you are ready!

shirt as a jacket
5 ways to wear shirt as a jacket

3. Plaid shirt – how to wear a plaid shirt as a jacket

The red and black combination always looks stunning no matter whether it is any kind of ethnic wear like a saree, suit or it is western dress like jeans, skirts, shorts, bodycon, etc.

Black and red also go well on accessories like heels, jewelry,

and whatnot!

Everyone who loves to wear a plaid print shirt should have this red and black combination plaid shirt in their wardrobe.

how to wear a plaid shirt as a jacket

The above look was created by using a white plain crop plain top, with a plaid shirt and ripped blue jeans with heel boots.

But what if you do not have a red and black plain shirt then you can go for blow combinations

  • olive green and black
  • navy blue , white , black
  • white,grey,black
  • white,black and khaki color

These are the few combinations you an definitely have into consideration and make sure to choose the suitable plaid print. Because in prints too you get different options from big checks to small checks to make sure to choose classy one.

The red and black plaid shirt can go with black /snow blue/white color- jeans, shorts, mini slit skirt

4. transparent shirt with shimmer /crop/bra top

Want to create a party looks without any hassle of handling clothes? Then go for this combination.

Transparent shirts are very chic, by the way, I have one purple transparent shirt in my wardrobe do you have one?

You can try a transparent shirt with shimmer /crop/bralette top it will definitely look much classy

how to wear a shirt as a jacket

In the above look, a little drama has been added by using a transparent shirt as a jacket with black sho*rts

*Extra note*

If in case you have a silk shirt then we all know a silk shirt gives you a very shiny look so why not wear for parties? You can wear your party wear shimmer tank top/bralette top with a silk shirt and tie a knot in the middle. This combination will indeed look great

5. Vertical striped shirt

Though it is a very rare kind of combination wherein ladies wear vertical stripe shirts as a jacket you should definitely try this.

But in case you are wearing then try to have a more simple and plain print of top, shorts, skirts, jeans, heels, etc to make the look of the vertical lines more visible and sharp

vertical striped shirt as a jacket
source – Pinterest

To create a look with the long shirt you can have a slit mini skirt, short dress , shorts inside


You can recreate a lot of unique looks with your simple shirts as a jacket by wearing simple t-shirts inside

Hope this article was useful for you and which one was your favorite combination do let me know through the contact form.

So that’s if for now, you all ladies will see you in another blog with another interesting topic till then have a look at other articles on fashion from loadingstyle

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