Get obsessed with 5 Hottest types of jackets for women

types of jackets for women
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Want to fill up your wardrobe with jackets that can be used for your daily routine? then have a look at these 5 types of jackets for women!

We’re all having at least one, at least one piece of jacket in our wardrobe be it of any brand, any type, or any height. If you are doubtful about this just check your wardrobe at once.

And will get to know you have at least once.

And if just in case you do not have any jacket in your wardrobe then do not worry I am here to give you 5 ideas of jackets that you can have to give a different edge to your look!

So in this article, we will talk about 5 types of jackets for women that are important to include in our wardrobe to make your daily routine more easy, stylish, and vogue.

Without any further discussion let’s get started

5 types of jackets for women

denim jackets

We have a dedicated post about denim jackets if you have not read it the check this what to wear with denim jackets.

We all have denim in one and other forms be it denim top, be it denim shirt, be it denim short dress, be it denim jeans, denim dungry

I hope you agree with me? Isn’t it?

Irrespective of any trend denim has always been evergreen for past so many years.I know for a lot of people their first choice in jacket must be a denim jacket.

Are you from one of those?

Do let me know!

Having perfect-fitting denim jackets is such a wonderful thing for ladies as it can go with a lot of outfits like t-shirts, tops, crop tops, maxi dresses, short dresses, skirts, and the list goes on and on..

You can create a lot of insane looks with this one piece of a denim jacket. be it a total casual or noncasual look denim jacket will still shine!

So do consider this option while going for jackets

denim jackets
source – Pinterest

Leather jackets

Leather jackets are also a very popular type of jacket. With this too you can create a lot of looks ranging from casual to stylish.

While wearing leather jackets colors and way of styling leather jackets plays a very important role.

The most recommended colors for leather jackets are taupe, tan, red, brown, black, grey, beige. You can have a look at these colors and you will fall in love with these leather jackets.

On leather jackets, you can go with thigh-high boots ankle-length boots, heels, and some people also use sneakers

And after colors when it comes to styling do not just pick up random types/color outfits, to style with leather jackets.

Be particular about the color of outfits, types of footwear to wear with leather jackets

For example, if you are wearing tan color leather jackets you can have white black color for outfits as both colors go fine with tan colors

Don’t worry we will show you how this color combination stuff actually loos like with some pictures

types of jackets for women
source – Pinterest

Coming on to the third type

plaid jacket

plaid jacket in other words we can call them checks pattern.

Yes, it is just a checks print!

How often we have seen only checks patterns for shirts, tops, t-shirt but not with jackets.


But I will show you now with this plaid jacket how can create some vogue looks.

plaid jackets are mostly used for creating a very cool and casual look. A few people use these plaided jackets that is why, unlike denim, leather jackets, plaided jackets are not worn or styled by a lot of people.

With plaid, jackets try to use plain print t-shirts, tanked tops to give a sharp look with plaid jackets

Yet a plaid jacket is indeed a great jacket if you style it in a proper way!

plaid jacket
source – Pinterest

bomber jackets!

Ask the importance of bomber jackets to a tomboy girl or a bike rider in your group.

bomber jackets are used by a lot of people in their daily life as it is very user-friendly to use. And a lot of people use this as an alternative to a sweater unlike me!

The reason behind its popularity is that they look way cool no matter how simple is your outfit but bomber jackets can literally make you look the coolest one!

If it is the winter season so to protect yourself from the cold you can definitely go for this as when it comes to look any way it will give you a classy look

bomber jackets
source- Pinterest


Let us have a look at the last option that is shrugs

For those who don’t know what is shrug then let me tell you …

shrugs are just an extra layer to your outfit since shugs have a lot of variety in terms of height, look, colors and design it has become the best partner of our daily routine! Shrug does not have thick material unlike sweaters or bomber jackets it mostly comes with thin material with a range of designs and that makes them more attractive.

Let us say if you are a little uncomfortable about your outfit like you have worn a sleeveless top and you are not feeling good in it then you can wear a shrug on it, and also if you are wearing a short top, a short dress then you can have a long shrug on it if you are someone who does not feel comfortable in short clothes.

You can literally create tremendous fabulous looks with these shrugs.

source – Pinterest

You can pair these shrugs with a skirt, jeans, jeggings, shorts, bodycon, gown, maxi dress, and a lot more … Look how shrugs are so versatile.

And when it comes to footwear you can have options like thigh-high boots, ankle-length boots, heels, sneakers into consideration.

But make sure to be particular about the combination of outfits, footwear while using shrugs

Isn’t it that amazing with only one shrug you get the chance to style it in so many different ways?

So will you have this for your wardrobe?

SO which one was your favorite? Do let me know…

That’s it for now ladies will get back with another interesting topic till then have a look at loadingstyle

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