5 Best different types of heels to Make your shoe rack elegant

different types of heels
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Welcome back to another blog on different types of heels.

I know some of you might be thinking about the best types of trending heels that can go with our best outfits but you may not be aware of those types so heels.So if you are one of them then this article is for you!


After all, heels are the main attraction for a lot of women so why not discuss this super interesting topic!

As we have previously discussed heels with jeans wherein we talked about 5 types of jeans that look awesome on jeans

And now we will talk about different types of heels that are currently in trend and which is been used by women at a large number.

We use heels with so many outfits like jeans, formals, tops, skirts, shirts, gowns, shorts, sarees, party dresses, etc.

Also, heels are the attraction of so many ladies out there so heels users should also know the trending different types of heels.

And that is why I have come up with this super exciting article.


So without any further delay let’s get started

different types of heels

5 different types of heels

1. ankle strap heels

You must be pondering why I am suggesting ankle strap heels.

As the name suggests its ankle strap enhances the look of the heels. To be precise it completely changes a normal-looking heel into a stylish one! and it is the magic of just one strap. How amazing right?

ankle strap heels are not any other special type of heel. The heels are normal there is nothing new in them. But only the ankle strap adds a lot of shine, as it is on the ankles so it really looks very elegant.

Not only ankle-length heels but also you can take ankle-length jeans are not some other kind of specially designed jeans but ankle-length jeans have just a minor difference in that it just fits you at your ankles normally just an inch shorter than normal jeans.

See this picture and you will get it!

ankle strap heels

So to brighten the beauty of your outfit with a heel you must go for ankle strap heels. So pair your outfit with ankle-strap-heels and you are set to go!

2. peep toe heel

As the name suggests the heel in which toes are peeping out are peep toe heel. Peep-toe is the most acceptable type of heels.

peep toe heel is also available in flat versions. It is a very versatile kind of heel that you can style peep toe in any way from casuals to formal to even ethnic wear. There are no barriers. So just think these many varieties are there in peep toe.

Also, a transparent version of peep-toe heel has also launched and it is getting a way more attention. A lot of women are using transparent heels now!

The most famous colors for peep-toe heels are black, beige, grey, off white.

And below it is a black peep-toe-heel. I know for at least once in your life.

peep toe heel

3. scarpin

Till now we have seen 2 types for our shoe rack and let us come on to the third which is a scarpin heel

SO finally my favorite scarpin has come onto the discussion now.

If you are a heel lover try to have these heels in your shoe rack because you will need this often! That magical they are.

The CLOSED TOE and the sole part of this heel have given the magical look to the heels.

The only special thing about this heel is the structure and design of its toe area, vamp area, and sole. It makes this very unique when it comes to the outlook.No matter how far the time goes but this heel will hardly stop its shine

Have a look at this!


I know you must have got flattered now by seeing this red scarpin. Have an eye on its structure , it looks quite attractive, right?

Also in this heel a lot of famous shades are there like light blue, grey, black, beige, olive green, red, yellow, navy blue and hence they look chicer.

So to set the fire on the floor with your heel have a look on scarpin

4. corset heels

Strappy heel lovers have a look at corset heels.

Corset-heels are full of straps occupying the entire space giving a very chicer look! Or if not crossed straps or mesh straps then it will be of some embroidery or designs on it!

When it’s party time and you are wearing some damn gorgeous party outfits then do not forget to wear corset-heels.

corset heels
corset heels

I hope you got the pattern of corset heels. They look way fashionable when it is paired with the proper outfit.

It is not necessary to pair this heel with some heavy dress.NO! It is not like that you can pair them with jeans, a skirt, shorts, heavy outfits. It can look gorgeous

Whenever I look at corset-heels I always get a party vibe! Because you cannot wear these heels for a daily routine or some casual daily outfit.

Your look and outfit has to be different if you are wearing this heel

5. Wedges

Coming on to the last type of heel of this article.

Beginners should definitely consider these heels for their shoe rack as beginners hardly can handle pencil heels even blocked heels are also a little tough to handle. So to get comfortable with HEELS you should consider wedges

This type of heels is mostly used by the ones who have trouble in wearing and carrying the heels. And who are not comfortable in heels.

Because of even weight distribution which makes you easy to handle. Instead of putting all of your weight on one point, your entire foot is distributed from heel to toe.

So if you are someone who loves to wear heels but cannot handle them then these wedges are for you!

Do let me know your favorite type of heel!

That’s it for now! Will again come up with another new and interesting topic till then have a look at other exciting articles on loadingstyle

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